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Denim and Diamonds is set for Aug. 5, and planning is well underway for the big fundraiser.

The Newman Regional Health Foundation is hoping to continue its recent string of success with its annual Denim and Diamonds fundraiser, which is coming up Friday night at the Memorial Union Webb Hall.

Dining event for Denim and Diamonds this Thursday at Coach's Grill and Bar.

A great turnout led to great fundraising numbers for Denim and Diamonds.

The 2016 version of the Denim and Diamonds fundraiser set a new record for the highest attendance.


Christmas Day could see something Kansas has never had, at least in recorded history: severe weather on the holiday. Before the risk of severe weather appears, however, foggy conditions may predominate.

Dense fog advisories for counties in the KVOE listening area have been extended.

Dense fog advisories have been extended across the entire KVOE listening area.

The good news: fog won't stay with us much longer Monday.

The bad news: the fog currently across the KVOE listening areas is very thick with visibility down to around 50 feet near Emporia.

Fog is evident across the listening area Wednesday morning, and it's dense in a lot of areas.