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Last summer, Bunge North America announced a $250 million restructuring effort to adjust the company's cost structure and reduce overhead. Part of that effort includes the offer of early retirement packages at the Emporia crush facility.

Numerous financial and agricultural news outlets are reporting a takeover bid has now been made for Bunge Limited.

Slick conditions sent a Burlingame woman to the hospital following a crash in Shawnee County Monday morning.

A Burlingame man was involved in a crash Friday in Franklin County.

Three people received treatment at Coffey County Hospital after a wreck in Burlington on Friday.

A Burlington man has pleaded guilty to receiving and distributing child pornography through a gaming device.

A Burlington man has been formally accused of shooting his mother earlier this week.

Two Burlington men had a boating accident near the town Friday evening. One, unfortunately, did not survive.

For the second time in nearly four months, playground equipment at Burlington Elementary has been vandalized.

The Burlington Police Department is investigating the theft of two pickup trucks and three license plates which were stolen in the early morning hours of Aug. 26.