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The Lyon County Extension Master Gardeners' annual Emporia Garden Tour dug up a rather hefty attendance Saturday.

Earlier this month, Hunt 4 Hunger had to cancel its annual food-raising hunt for the Salvation Army because only a handful of teams came to participate. It also had to cancel the annual banquet -- and it saw its top two club leaders resign their posts.

Details are developing, but the Garnett woman missing since Wednesday afternoon has been found alive.

Chase County Sheriff Richard Dorneker confirmed 51-year-old Debra Johnston was found in rural Chase County on Saturday.

Chase County Sheriff Richard Dorneker says the discovery of Garnett resident Debra Johnston was, as he puts it, "sort of miraculous."

Emporia firefighters and Kansas Gas staffers went to north central Emporia after a gas leak Tuesday.

Last week, gas prices in Emporia dipped below $1.50 a gallon. That $1.47 price tag so common across Emporia is now is the state average.

Once gas prices started rising, it didn't take long for them to reach -- and cross -- the $2 mark.

If you haven't had to gas up your vehicle recently, you may be surprised by the prices you see.

Several places across the Midwest have enjoyed gas prices below $3 a gallon this month.

We haven't seen that here in Emporia, but prices have dipped to between $3.07 and $3.09 a gallon.

A week ago, gas prices were straddling $2 a gallon. Locally, prices have taken a major step down.

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