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Kansas highways were busier this Thanksgiving, even though unpleasant wintry weather was at play. That led to higher crash totals as well.

The Kansas House has approved a measure which loosens the concealed carry regulations.

More changes to the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System are under consideration.

The Kansas House is mulling House Bill 2533, which would reduce the interest rate that public employees receive through KPERS over one percentage point.

The Kansas House has passed a measure which would separate the state from the Affordable Care Act in at least one key way.

The Kansas Hunting and Fishing Expo is undergoing a major change this year.

Kansas now joins 16 other states in blocking assistance for Syrian refugees on some level.

Gov. Sam Brownback now has a bill to sign which would scrap the current education funding formula, and replace it with a block grant system.

Friday's announcement by Emporia State University, the ESU Foundation and the Grand Lodge of Kansas was at the same time massive and transformational.

Recently, Emporia school kids at several schools got a chance to see spacesuits up close and personal.

The Kansas Poet Laureate was in town on Thursday, Oct. 24, at a special evening hosted by the Kansas Humanities Council.

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