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The latest on the Lyon County Wanted list is a man accused of rape.

Local banking institutions are trying to find customers who may have spent this past Black Friday at a Target store.

ESB Financial Vice President Karen Sommers says customers who shopped at Target should cut up their current cards.

Relief efforts are coming together fast to help the co-owner of Mr. Sisters Sweets who lost her belongings to fire Thursday.

Rhiannon Torres and her three children were living at 1010 West when fire developed rapidly in the home, effectively destroying much of the inside.

The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce and League of Women Voters are hosting a candidate forum Tuesday.

Local veterans are weighing in after Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned Friday.

Markets have been volatile lately, starting out the year on a wobbly foot and worrying many investors.


Monday's markets were pulled lower by further weakness in oil prices as energy shares led declines, with major indexes retreating after last week's strong gains.


Edward Jones Financial Advisor Greg Seibel says people tend to forget how often this sort of slide happens.


{wbty_audio audio_id="14341" audio_title="Seibel: This is a Regular Pattern"}


Typically, Seibel says the short-term sentiment or opinion aligns on something, leading to a bigger supply-and-demand to create that change. Seibel compares following daily markets to meteorologists predicting the daily weather -- it's not perfect and not on the mark every time.


Oil continues to slide in price, falling six percent on concerns of oversupply after news that Iraq's output reached a record last month. This has led to losses for most energy groups big and small, with Texas and Oklahoma hardest hit. Kansas has felt the affects of lowered oil prices, but Seibel says most folks have enjoyed the side effect of this problem -- lower gas prices. That, Seibel says, leads to people spending more money elsewhere, in turn helping the economy and furthering the cycle of finance.


For further market information or advice, consult your financial advisor.

Besides the blazes in Allen, area firefighters were stretched very thin during the Friday afternoon and evening hours.

A local family is raising money to help people in India get the water they need for daily life.

Britanie Ramirez is leaving next summer on a mission trip through Angel House Ministries. She says her kids had a lot of questions about the project when she told them of her trip.

The science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields were opened up to local Girl Scouts during the Imagine Teen Leadership Conference Saturday.

Two Emporia Girl Scouts are receiving scholarship money from the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland.

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