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LeAnn Rimes bringing holiday hits and cheer to the Granada

The Granada will be continuing its star studded run of shows this weekend.

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Emporia officials laugh off satire article

Earlier this week Emporia got some national attention in a satire article posted online.

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Man convicted in brutal 2011 Osage County slaying picked up on drug, weapons charges

A man convicted in a brutal death in Osage County six years ago is one of two people jailed in Shawnee County for alleged involvement in drug and weapons crimes.

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Murder-related convictions upheld, but Ruiz-Ascencio case will return to Emporia

The Kansas Supreme Court has affirmed convictions in a Lyon County murder case dating back to 2013. However, the case is still coming back to Lyon County District Court.

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Wire theft from Lyon-Coffey substation being investigated

Lyon County deputies are investigating the theft of a significant amount of copper wire from a Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative substation.

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Lyon County increases 2017 budget authority

Lyon County commissioners amended their budget authority for the current-year budget in their action meeting Thursday.

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Cable ONE, ValuNet Fiber pledge no changes after net neutrality dropped

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to overturn the practice known as "net neutrality," which prohibits internet providers like A&T, Cox or Comcast from speeding up, slowing down or blocking internet content, apps or websites.

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RDA proposing incentives for Simmons expansion project

The Regional Development Association reflected on 2017 and making plans for next year at its monthly meeting Friday morning.

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