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FHCHC urging vaccinations after report of suspected measles case in Emporia

Lyon County health officials are treating a suspected case of measles as a positive case unless told otherwise later.

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Early repairs done at water main break sites

Initial repairs have been completed after a pair of water main breaks Monday.

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Many Emporia residents are refusing to be silent about sexual assault.

SOS and ESU student are not letting sexual violence happen quietly at night.

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Veto of Medicaid expansion stands; March revenues fall shy of projections

The Kansas House has voted in favor of expanding Medicaid access, but it didn't have enough votes to override last week's veto from Gov. Sam Brownback.

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Made in Kansas Day to feature Hostess work locally

On Tuesday, the Kansas Department of Commerce highlights the work of Hostess in Emporia and around the country.

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Roads emerge from flooding as rivers recede

Thankfully, floodwaters have eased across the KVOE listening area. Unfortunately, those floodwaters left a lot of damaged roads before they subsided and there is the chance of more rainfall this week.

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Friends of the Emporia Animal Shelter want to make sure your pets make it home.

Protecting your pets could mean taking peremptory action.

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Additional information sought in Granada theft case

It has been a month since a financial theft was reported at the Granada Theatre, and Lyon County Attorney Marc Goodman says he is seeking more information as the investigation continues.

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