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USD 253 seeking input on recent change to trimester scheduling

With the second trimester now underway for the Emporia School District, administrators want to know what parents think.

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Gormly, Uk return to court Wednesday

A bench trial is coming Wednesday for a man accused of child sex abuse.

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Short study meeting ahead for Lyon County Commission

Lyon County commissioners have a study meeting this week.

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Bulldozer damaged beyond repair after fire near Emporia Golf Course

A bulldozer was destroyed by fire late Monday afternoon.

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Historic bridge near Americus shut down after Sunday fire

Folks used to using the historic Baker Bridge northwest of Americus will have to find a new traffic route.

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Community Foundation administrators excited to announce Match Day results

The third annual Match Day check presentation, courtesy of the Emporia Community Foundation, is slated for Tuesday.

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Suspect in Morris County shooting to go back to court early next year

The next hearings for a teenaged male who allegedly shot at Morris County authorities earlier this year will take place in 2017.

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39th annual Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade occurs on Tuesday night

The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade occurs tomorrow night. The theme for this year is "Candy Canes and Cookies."

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