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USD 252 South Lyon County school board had an action meeting Wednesday night, with a packed agenda on the table.

Ongoing discussions will mark Wednesday night's meeting of the South Lyon County School Board.

On Thursday, USD 251 teachers and staffers got a nice surprise from the Hopkins Foundation, as they awarded their Star Performer and WOW Awards. Friday, it was USD 252 South Lyon County's turn.

Long-term uncertainty about the state budget picture has prompted the Emporia School District to make several changes in staffing and facilities and thus cut costs in the process.

Reluctantly, the USD 253 board approved the resignation of one of their longtime members.

The Emporia Board of Education, at their meeting Wednesday night, accepted donations from the PTOs at Timmerman and Village elementary schools.

Starting this fall, Emporia Public Schools has added a new Homework Help and Tutoring program at the open computer labs at William Allen White and Flint Hills Learning Center.

The labs are open from 6-8 pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Parents and children from any area school can use the computer labs on these nights.

Local educators won't have specifics on how their students did with recent state assessments until late next month and how their buildings did until early December, but they say the overall state trends aren't a surprise.

The Emporia School District's executive director of secondary education is leaving the district at the end of the school year.

Spring break starts Monday for the Emporia School District. This means kindergarten orientation is about a month away.

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