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Things are looking up in Reading because construction work has finally started that will restart postal service for the community.

The effort to build a Veteran's Memorial in Bushong, in North Lyon County is continuing. A committee formed by the North Lyon County Historical society is spearheading the effort.

John Redmond Reservoir continues to see construction and upgrades according to schedule.

Repairs continue at 12th and Commercial after a utility problem developed at the intersection Thursday.

Construction continues on a new warehouse at Emporia's Hostess production facility.

A hefty school finance bill was unveiled in the House Thursday, but will quickly be discarded after some additions were made that didn't fit with original discussions.

Renovations continue in the Lee Beran Recreation Center.

Despite adverse weather, road widening projects on US Highway 50 are still underway.

Work continues on the Dennis Shogren Videoboard at Emporia State's Welch Stadium.

Voters in the North Lyon County School District may have turned down a $39 million bond issue for a new K-12 complex last week, but the issues facing the district aren't going away.

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