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Case of naked man in downtown Emporia under legal review

An investigation continues after a man was found walking naked in downtown Emporia this past weekend.

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Fireworks show parking plan unveiled

There will be some changes for this year's fireworks show July 3 at Welch Stadium.

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Indecent liberties suspect pleads not guilty

A man accused of child sex abuse is now set for a pretrial hearing as court proceedings continue.

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Heat advisory revisits area Wednesday

Abnormally warm conditions have been with us for a week, and one of the worst days of this stretch may well be Wednesday.

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Heat affecting Wednesday event schedule

Wednesday concerts are being moved indoors due to the heat.

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At long last, Bushong has tornado siren

The next time a tornado threatens Bushong, residents will have protection they have never had before.

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Lyon County budget meetings Wednesday

The Lyon County Commission is meeting Wednesday to discuss budget appropriations.

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Emporia School Board meeting Wednesday

The Emporia School Board will have it's regular board  meeting Wednesday evening.

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