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Lyon County 'feels the Bern' as Sanders rolls in Kansas

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was the clear winner in the Kansas presidential caucus and the 17th Senate District event held at Emporia High.

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Cruz takes Lyon County, declared Kansas winner

The presidential race hasn't seen a lot of close calls on the Republican side of the ledger, and Kansas continued that trend Saturday with a big showing for Ted Cruz.

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Solid turnout at Lions Club breakfast

Things started well and likely will end well for the Lions Club's annual biscuits and gravy fundraiser Saturday.

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Bowling for Bentley sets tone for possibly big fundraising total

Any way you look at it, Bowling for Bentley did extremely well Saturday night.

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Fast-developing grass fires also short-lived

For the second straight day, area firefighters have been responding to a series of grass fires.

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More tough talk ahead on difficult state budget

The Kansas financial crisis isn't as simple as saying it's a revenue issue or a spending issue, but that's the way it has been laying out for months -- and the February tax report put the issue out there for all to see yet again.

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Massive fundraising total for EFOZ auction

Breaking a record is one thing. Shattering it is quite another, and that's what happened at the Emporia Friends of the Zoo's annual Roundup auction Friday night.

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Area firefighters stretched fighting Turnpike grass fires

The investigation continues after at least seven separate grass fires developed on the Kansas Turnpike late Friday afternoon.

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