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USD 251 North Lyon County is trying to determine how best to fill their own budget gap after cuts on a state level.

USD 251 North Lyon County is interviewing its third superintendent candidate Monday.

Roger Stumpf is currently the superintendent and principal for USD 106 Western Plains. He is in his fourth year in those roles and previously served three years as a principal for USD 322 Onaga.

An Allen man has been jailed after allegedly driving a North Lyon County school bus under the influence of alcohol.

One area school district has started interviewing finalists for its superintendent position. Another has ended that process.

Further discussion of a controversial recommendation will be part of the USD 251 North Lyon County School Board meeting Monday night.

Patrons of USD 251 have been discussing whether to refurbish their current school buildings or construct a new facility for a long time. A decision may well be coming this year, and residents and patrons are encouraged to give their thoughts during a series of meetings over the coming months.

USD 251 North Lyon County is in the midst of their superintendent search. After taking a break for the holidays, the school board will reconvene next Monday to review their options.

This week's USD 251 North Lyon County board meeting was business as usual, according to Superintendent Aron Dody.

Discussions continue at the school district level on education funding after lawmakers passed a $130 million bill earlier this month, and those discussions may be sharpening their focus after Gov. Sam Brownback said he would sign the bill during an appearance at Emporia State University on Monday.

Now that USD 251 North Lyon County has picked the land for a K-12 education facility if voters approve a $39 million bond this fall, the question becomes just how that price translates into mil levy increases.

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