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Work on US Highway 50 expansion continues despite weather

Despite adverse weather, road widening projects on US Highway 50 are still underway.

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Fake money circulating in Emporia; EPD warns shops to be on guard

The Emporia Police Department put out a press release on Friday regarding the proliferation of fake currency in the area over the past month.

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One roommate stabbed Thursday night, another arrested early Friday

An argument between three roommates apparently led to a fight involving the trio and, eventually, one roommate stabbing another late Thursday night.

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Man faces traffic charges after April 20 chase

Nearly 10 days after a car and foot chase in parts of Emporia, authorities have divulged the suspect's name and the list of charges against him.

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Robert Klein concert canceled

A fundraiser for the Emporia Arts Center has been canceled.

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KTA continues work near Emporia

More projects are taking place on the Kansas Turnpike near Emporia.

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Plane makes emergency landing near Osage City airport

 small plane had to make an emergency landing at the Osage City Municipal Airport on Thursday.

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Swedish bonfire wraps up first day of record-setting Glass Blown Open

The Swedish bonfire event of the annual Glass Blown Open was held yesterday evening at the Dynamic Discs warehouse on West 6th Avenue.

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