Dr. Jen's monthly appearance delves into all things bacon

Dr. Jen's monthly appearance on the KVOE Morning Show was all about bacon.
ESU Health Promotions professor Dr. Jennifer Thomas was joined on the Morning Show on Thursday by bacon proponent Dr. Tom "Bubba" Hicks, who offered a donation to the National Teachers Hall of Fame annual radio auction -- provided he could tag-team with Dr. Jen on a bacon-themed show. He says his family has loved bacon for a long time.
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Dr. Hicks brought in bacon-encrusted, molasses-dipped breadsticks, as well as bacon-wrapped romaine lettuce, bacon-wrapped onion rings, a broccoli-bacon-apple salad with cream and freshly ground nutmeg, bacon lasagna and bacon chocolate-chip brownies.
Dr. Jen found some healthy facts about bacon during the show.
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There were a couple appetizers to the program. Zoo staffers Lisa Keith and Lori Andrews brought bacon-encrusted donuts during their Newsmaker segment on the Friends of the Zoo Roundup Auction, while Do-B's provided maple bacon shakes.
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