Emporia State will build a new University House after latest Now & Forever gift

Emporia State is receiving support to build a new University House.
The major donor, The Breidenthal Foundation, decided to support this project after George Breidenthal's passing in June 2015.  Breidenthal's daughter and co-chair of the Breidenthal Foundation, McKenzie Breidenthal, discussed his legacy.
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Breidenthal's previous substantial gifts to music, elementary education and women’s athletics cemented his standing as a significant supporter of students. The foundation is one of three donors that has provided the university with $1.4 million to start building this project, Carolyn Langenwalter, Co-Chair of the Now & Forever Campaign, was another major donor.
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Langenwalter mentioned that she never intended to become a supporter of the university, until the ESU's Alumni outreach program brought the idea to her attention.
Steve and Bobbbi Sauder were the third major donors. Jamie Sauder spoke on behalf of his father, emphasizing the importance of curb appeal.
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The University House will serve as the president's official residence, but it will also be designed so different university functions can be held there without disturbing the living quarters.
Emporia State's 14th President, Kay Schallenkamp, returned to give her remarks on the importance of the University House as both home and work space.
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Schallenkamp says a critical aspect of construction must address accessibility to those with mobility issues, as well as being able to accommodate different size events.
Bell-ringing ceremonies continue Friday as part of Founder's Day and again Saturday afternoon before the Campaign Celebration Gala on Saturday night.