ESU placement rate nears 100 percent when combining work world, graduate student rates

Emporia State University is now boasting a 98-percent placement rate.
June Coleman of Career Services was pleased to make that announcement recently on the ESU Buzz with President Allison Garrett:
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Coleman says placement rates have been in the 80 to 85 percent rate, and Coleman says there are some reasons for the recent jump -- notably early intervention work like career testing with incoming freshmen. She says Career Services is available to help students, regardless of whether they are incoming freshmen or in their last semester or two on campus. Reason being: students may have a good idea of what they want to do when they start, but plans may change.
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President Allison Garrett says Emporia State's placement rates are "about as good as it gets," and several departments have 100-percent placement. She says this is a big recruiting tool and shows the quality of the education students can get at ESU.