Competency evaluation for Uk cancels upcoming preliminary hearing in murder case

Sony Uk no longer has a preliminary hearing scheduled for next month in the shooting death of his girlfriend earlier this month. Instead, a mental evaluation will dictate how the case proceeds.


Defense attorney Steve Atherton obtained a quickly-scheduled competency hearing Monday, and it was decided Uk would have a competency evaluation through CrossWinds Counseling and Wellness first. A hearing will be scheduled once the evaluation is completed.

Uk, 30, is accused of first-degree murder in the death of 38-year-old Mahogany Brooks on March 9.

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2:20 pm Monday: Competency hearing slated for murder suspect

The Emporia man accused of murdering his girlfriend earlier this month is part of a rapidly-scheduled competency hearing Monday afternoon. 

Sony Uk faces a first-degree murder charge for the March 9 shooting death of 38-year-old Mahogany Brooks.

Defense attorney Steve Atherton requested the hearing and was granted the time Monday morning. Uk had already been set for an April 12 preliminary hearing as part of his initial court appearance in Lyon County District Court on March 14.

Uk allegedly shot Brooks four times with a shotgun at close range March 9, according to court records divulged to KVOE News last week. The shooting happened at Heartland Apartments, 1325 Merchant. Authorities have not outlined the circumstances leading up to the shooting or said how long Uk and Brooks were dating.