County Commission signs joint purchase of new phone system with City Commission

The Lyon County Commissioners approved the joint purchase of a new phone system with the Emporia City Commission at their action session Thursday morning.

By working collaboratively, both city and county commissions agreed to upgrade their shared phone system, which is outdated by 15 years. County Commissioner Scott Briggs agrees this as a positive move.

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Each party will pay $90,180. It will take 3 years for the system to be implemented and for phones to be installed, including purging phones deemed unnecessary. Commissioner Briggs says that the new phone system is much more user friendly.

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Also approved during the action session was the Emergency Operations Plan for Lyon County. Jarrod Fell, Emergency Management Coordinator, said that the plan needs resubmitted every 5 years. He tells KVOE News the updates in the plan.

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The purpose of the update is to get community partners together and make sure all emergency support functions can support the plan. Fell also recapped a meeting with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management, the National Guard,  and KDHE last week to facilitate discussion of staffing needs for the reception center at Wolf Creek with the National Guard. The original plan called for 13 to 14 staffers and has jumped to 60 staffers. Fell feels positive about the discussion and  there are more meetings planned ahead.
Additionally, Director of Community Corrections Steve Willis had a Title II Grant Application approved and signed. Willis is seeking this grant in order to fund the Spartan Explorers afterschool program. Spartan Explorers is an afterschool program designed for youth in the Fifth Judicial District Community Corrections to give them interaction with electives they missed. The program, which started this past January, has had very positive immediate returns.
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The grant asks for just over $19,000 to pay for facilitators for each day the program runs, a coordinator of the program, transportation for students and supplies.
The action session also saw reports from the commissioners, counselor, controller and clerk; a positive report from KCAMP by Maura Chambers; as well as the approval of a request for a repair part for an x-ray machine by Mark McKenna.