Emporia financial institutions warning against paying at the pump

More skimming devices may be present in the Emporia area.
Bank officials are encouraging the public to pay inside rather than at the pump the next time you fill up for gas at an Emporia convenience store. Angie Miller, president at Emporia State Federal Credit Union says they've been alerted to possible skimming devices being used to steal personal information. She says that they are following standard procedure when a customer's card is skimmed.
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Skimming is where thieves steal your credit or debit card information and then use that for illegal purchases. This can use a special device at ATMs or credit card readers in many cases.
Tom Thompson, president at Lyon County State Bank says they first became aware of customers being affected by skimming about 10 days ago. He suggests using your debit card as a credit card, which can also minimize the risk of having information stolen. He also recommends paying inside rather than at the pump and says there are other ways customers can be vigilant against skimming.
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There is no word yet on specific locations these skimming devices may be located. Area banks including Emporia State Bank, Lyon County State Bank and Emporia State Federal Credit Union are teaming up to guard against potential fraud.
Emporia Police Sgt. Lisa Sage says police continue to investigate and believe these to be the same skimmers that first came to their attention in early April. Anyone with information should contact police.