As summer heat rolls in, pets will feel it as much as people

As summer rolls in, it is important to take extra care of your pets
Summer heat is not only uncomfortable for animals, it can be life threatening. Judy Dieker, Executive Director of the Humane Society of the Flint Hills, says it is important to keep your pets cool.

Even as dangerous as leaving your pets outside for too long can be, leaving them inside your car can be even more dangerous. Dieker says that cars can be on average 40 degrees hotter than the outside and inside car tempeture can get to 110 degrees within 5 minutes.
Dieker recommends that you make sure animals can access cool food and drinking water, as well as having shade to lay under or a small pool with cool water to lay in, if they are going to be outside.
No firm statistics exist on how many animals die each summer from heat stroke, because lack of reporting, but it is estimated that it is in the hundreds each summer. Key warning signs for heat stroke are rapid breathing, widen eyes, salivating , staggering , and weakness. If your pet is experiencing heat stroke you should take them to your vet, spray them with cool water, or put them in a cool tub of water, making sure it is cool not cold water.