Kansas Army National Guard open to the public for annual open house

The annual Kansas Army National Guard open house drew in new recruits Wednesday.
 The commander of the Armory, Captain Michael Billings, told KVOE recruitment has gone well this year and the open house Wednesday invites many to consider joining.

The Alpha company is primarily tankers, which is represented by the older tank that sits in front of the Armory. Billings says the National Guards main mission is to support the active military, which means being ready at any time.

Billings says recruits are important for keep the National Guard staffed and  ready to manage and respond to crisis. Billings also indicated that joining the National Guard is as much about preserving national security as finding a good career path with benefits including health insurance, funds for college, and a regular paycheck.
Community members and patrons enjoyed fresh food and some samples of military rations, handling weapons, and exploring the vehicles housed at the Armory.