USD 253 considering expansion of program

USD 253 is looking at expanding a program for children almost ready to enter school.
At Wednesday night's meeting, board members listened to a recap of the Jump Start program from a teacher and a couple Emporia Public Schools officials involved with it.
The Jump Start program was designed to help children ready to enter preschool ease the transition into school experiences.
Executive Director of Elementary Education, Vicki Schweinler (Sh-wine-ler) says she hopes the program can expand to help more kids in the future.
Schweinler also says that along with possible expansion in the future, funding will be a big hurdle to tackle.
The Jump Start program ran from July 24 through the 28 this past summer at Riverside Elementary with two sessions for kids to attend.  Possible expansion in the future may include more locations and more sessions to accomodate larger turnouts.