To Write Love On Her Arm founder delivers message of hope at ESU

The founder of a nonprofit organization aimed at helping those contemplating suicide spoke on the ESU campus Wednesday evening.
To Write Love on Her Arm founder Jamie Tworkowski spoke at Albert Taylor Hall for the second time, with the hope that he has encouraged people to be honest about their struggles.
Tworkowski began To Write Love on Her Arm in 2006 to help those struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury, and thoughts of suicide. They have since responded to more than 900,000 messages and donated $1.6 million for treatment. The organization has received large support from artists and musicians, accompanying Tworkowski at ESU this time was Steven McMorran of the band Satellite. 
McMorran says he thinks the conversations the organization has started are extremely critical. McMorran says musics adds to the conversation because "music works as a vehicle to a more tender part of the heart".
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