Emporia School Board candidates discuss the issues on KVOE Candidate Forum

The second KVOE Candidate Forum took place Thursday with the four candidates for the Emporia School Board.
The candidates discussed issues from school funding and financial hurdles, the teacher shortage and addressing technology concerns.
In terms of school funding, candidate Melissa Ogleby says she's happy the high court rejected the Legislature's latest school funding bill.
School funding has been a major point of concern and incumbent board president Doug Epp says he believes voters haven't gotten the right message about public schools.
In terms of addressing the teacher shortage, incumbent Mike Crouch says Emporia Public Schools are in a very competitive business.
Each of the candidates discussed the need for taking care of teachers. Candidate Iona Moore says ideally she'd like for every teacher to have an assistant in the classroom.
The general election is taking place Nov. 7. If you missed any of the Candidate Forum, it is available in the KVOE Audio Vault at KVOE.com.