Extension of industrial use sales tax discussed on KVOE Issues Forum

One of the questions Emporia voters will have when they head to the polls Nov. 7 is whether or not to extend the city's industrial use sales tax.
Members of the Emporians for Growth Advocacy Group appeared on the KVOE Issues Forum Tuesday to discuss the extension of the current tax which has been on the books since 1994. Co-chair Don Hill says it's a proven tax that has been able to generate revenue and help the community reinvest in itself.
RDA President Kent Heerman agrees, saying the city has seen a significant return on its investment in the tax.
ESU Dean of the School of Business Ed Bashaw says extending the sunset to 2030 will allow business and industry to have a viable revenue stream in the future.
Supporter Bill Barnes says one notable business has benefitted from the current tax.
RDA President Kent Heerman says $1.2 million last year from the tax went toward property tax relief.
The group says extension of the tax would foster additional growth to the current tax base and encourage new businesses to come to Emporia. You can hear the Issues Forum in its entirety in the Audio Vault at KVOE.com.