EHS is working to build parental communication

Emporia High School has begun a new venture to build communication with parents. 
The first Spartan Talk forum took place Tuesday in the Emporia High School Library. The purpose of the forum is to give parents and faculty a free space to discuss activities and policies taking place at the school.  Along with parents and principals members of the EHS site committee were in attendance to help field questions from parents.  
EHS Principal and forum leader Dr. Britton Hart is proud of the new forum as he believes personal interaction is a necessity between adminstrators and parents.
The discussion began by updating parents about how the new tri-mester system has been helping increase student efficiency in the classroom.  After the informational portion of the forum a Q&A session took place for parents to adress any concerns or questions they may have.
EHS has made plans to hold one Spartan Talk forum each trimester.  The next scheduled Spartan Talk is set for February 12 at 9 a.m. at the Emporia Public Library.