Bidding will benefit the National Teacher's Hall of Fame

The annual Teacher's Hall of Fame radio auction is coming up this week. 
The auction will take place Thursday evening at the Emporia State Federal Credit Union.  The auction will feature a wide selection of items ranging from trips to sports memorbilla. 
Teacher's Hall of Fame executive director Carol Strickland was a guest on KVOE's Newsmaker Monday and gave a quick rundown of what bidders can expect.
 If you do not live in the KVOE listening area do not be discouraged as the auction will be broadcast nationwide.
Credit Union CEO Angie Miller also joined us on Monday's Newsmaker and took a moment to praise all of the volunteers who help make the night run smoothly. 
Carol Strickland says they currently have 75 packages up for bid, however they expect that number may change by Thursday evening.  The auction is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m from the Emporia State Federal Credit Union. All proceeds will benefit the National Teacher's Hall of Fame. For more information on the auction visit the National Teacher's Hall of Fame website.