As temps fall, public encouraged not to leave vehicles unattended

As we shift into winter, law enforcement is encouraging people not to leave their vehicles unattended while warming up in the morning.
Too often it can create opportunities for auto thefts and Lyon County Undersheriff John Koelsch some cases it's even illegal.
In an effort to reduce auto thefts during the colder weather, the Lawrence Police Department tweeted a pledge Monday for the public to sign, noting drug thieves could potentially steal a vehicle and trade it for a fentanyl lollipop. While clearly a humorus tweet, taking someone else's vehicle is no laughing matter, even if it's just done as a practical joke says Koelsch.
Law enforcement officials encourage people to stay with their vehicle while warming it up and never start your car in the garage with the door closed, as it can cause carbon monoxide poisioning in the home.