Abnormally dry conditions now statewide in Kansas

Last week, most of the KVOE listening area was dealing with abnormally dry conditions. Now most of the state is at least abnormally dry, according to the US Drought Monitor.
In fact, abnormally dry conditions now stretch from Missouri to Colorado and from Nebraska into Texas. In Kansas, the only area not listed as abnormally dry is south central Kansas -- and that's because moderate to severe drought is in place.
State climatologist Mary Knapp says the recent dry spell is notable for several reasons.
KVOE listeners have dealt with minimal moisture since late October, and the forecast offers little relief until possibly Christmas. The jet stream has stayed to our north, keeping our air dry and mild while northeastern states have had a series of winter storms. Knapp says the weather pattern may get colder and wetter east of the Rockies late this month.
Besides the drought conditions, Knapp also urged people to pay attention to the fire danger that is now "severe" in her words.