Emporium Items - January 11, 2013


To Sell:    Leather rocker/recliner, couch & pillows, overstuffed chair & ottoman, 412-3977


To Sell:    Ladder rack, acoustic guitar, 29’ camper (1996), 366-2700


To Sell:    2x Daisy BB guns, 366-3535


To Sell:    4’ reptile tank,  FREE: 6’ dresser,  366-2737


To Sell:    10” mitre box saw, 16-speed drill press, furniture dolly,  366-2679


To Sell:    Camper,  437-6539


Wanted:   Motorhome or RV,  342-4068


To Sell:    Dishwasher, double SS sink, 342-0128


To Sell:    S14 women’s winter coat, carpet sweeper, 342-0640


To Sell:    Firewood, 366-2850


Wanted:  Flat panel video monitor,  342-0963


To Sell:    AM/FM radio with cassette,  342-8152


To Sell:    New 4-burner gas grill, wooden swing set, 412-3733


To Sell:    Double SS sink & faucet,  342-5573


To Sell:    1962 F-100 pickup, 32” older TV, oak dining room table, coffee & end tables, 785-304-5275


Wanted:    Old broken motors/engines,  803-2818


Wanted:  Old barn or fence wood,  342-2649


To Sell:    Large bales of brome and alfalfa,  WANTED:5-bolt rim for Ford Focus,  366-1582


To Sell:    2x 17” mag rims for Chevy, new knives, 794-7663


Wanted:    Odd jobs, scrap metal, 316-206-3944


To Sell:    Time share in Florida,  406-261-8066


To Sell:    Older 24” Sony TV, exercise bike, 343-0564


To Sell:    Male & female Labrador pups,  342-4262


To Sell:    Flatbed trailer, J.D. trailer,  794-4319


To Sell:    1985 Ford F-250  diesel with Tommy Lift, 55-gal. barrels, WANTED: farm fresh eggs, 343-8988


To Sell:    Prairie hay & brome hay bales, WANTED: planer & joiner, horse-drawn implements, 443-5051


To Sell:    2x AM/FM radio with cassette, double SS sink,  342-0206


To Sell:    16 lb bowling ball, size 8-1/2 bowling shoes, men’s golf clubs & bag, 342-4310


To Sell:    Small camper, electric concrete mixer, 2001 Ford Focus,  341-9053


To Sell:    Vanity & sink, love sweat/recliner, safety harness,  437-7106