Emporium Items - January 25, 2014

To Sell: Many bottles of Kyolic 106 garlic supplement. All sealed with long expiration dates. 100, 200, and 300-count sizes. Just $2, $4 and $6 per bottle.  342-1718

To Sell:    3-piece patio set, patio umbrellas, high-top table & bar stools, WANTED: women’s jeans (S 26/27W, 33/34L)  794-0000

To Sell:    Pool table & sticks,  757-3476

To Sell:    Depression glass, mitre box, 2-wheel trailer, bulk lead, WANTED: junk metal, 366-2679

Free:    Floor speakers, 25” color TV,  342-3255

To Sell:    Firewood, 366-2850

To Sell:    ’91 Nisan pickup, 794-8440

Wanted:    Odd jobs,  316-206-3944

To Sell:    Custom jewelry, 412-1868

To Sell:    2x flip-phones, Hesston belt buckles, boy’s 10sp bike, 30-cup coffee maker,  794-7663

To Sell:    Muskovee ducks, 343-8578

Wanted:  Butcher rabbits,  412-3268

To Sell:    Female lab puppies, 340-3654

Wanted:    Above-ground pool (over 18’ diameter) 366-2580

To Sell:    2004 VW Beetle diesel,  340-7373

To Sell:    Male Jack Russell pup,  437-6349

Wanted:    6x laying hens,  343-0370

To Sell:    16 lb bowling ball, size 8-1/2 bowling shoes, men’s golf clubs & bag, 342-4310

To Sell:    2x bike tires (20 x 1.95), VCR, VCR with DVD player, 342-0206

To Sell:    Firewood, 794-6494

To Sell:    Exercise bike, oak entertainment center, 343-2683

To Sell:    17” laptop (XP),  342-3975

To Sell:    Aluminum truck toolbox, plastic truckbox, large doghouse, P195/75R-14 tire, P245/R17 truck tire,  475-3731

To Sell:    2008 Toyota Tacoma SR5, call 342-4548

To Sell:    18’ camper,  757-9715

To Sell:    Amana range, dishwasher, MW oven, 481-7514

To Sell:    Fiberglass topper fopr small pickup, 341-9564

Free:    Coupons for Corningware, exercise tapes, 794-1069

To Sell:    24” electric range $30, electric dryer, $25, 

WANTED: Betamax VCR,  342-5727

To Sell:    Dishwasher, double SS sink, 342-0128

To Sell:    4x tires: P275/65-R18, Smoky Joe smoker, ceiling fan with lights, wagon wheel light, 794-4888

To Sell:    Alfalfa round bales, small brome bales,

WANTED: wood-working tools & horse-drawn implements,  443-5051

Wanted:   Large gun safe, CB radios,  481-0411

To Sell:    Limestone posts and rocks, 343-0468

To Sell:    Din. Room table, round wood table, twin beds, firewood, 481-0088

To Sell:    Guns,  794-3148

To Sell:    Wall pictures, end table, women’s clothes (sm/med)