Emporium Items - March 1, 2014

Free:    3x5 bath mirror,  412-9432

Wanted:    2x 55-gal. plastic barrels,  342-7262

To Sell:    Frig., XP micycle, misc  items,  794-5474

To Sell:    55 gal. metal barrel, pool sticks, 16-speed men’s bike,  794-6707

Wanted:    Old broken motors/engines, QS bed rails, 803-2818

To Sell:    17.5 x 68.5 wall mirror, new brand name men’s jeans, 343-6417

To Sell:    5x8 utility trailer, new cover fopr 5th wheel camper,  757-3285

To Sell:    FS headboard & rails, girls baby clothes, baby high chair,  343-0001

To Sell:    Dishwasher, double SS sink, 342-0128

Wanted:    Size 6-1/2 to 7 red women’s cowboy boots,  342-8152

To Sell:    Electric guitar,  412-6965

To Sell:    24” elect. range, 100-foot coil of stainless steel metal, 2-wheel dolly, sandblaster, hand winch,  342-5727

To Sell:    New hunting knives, 16’ ski8 boat,  794-7663

Wanted:    Small chest freezer, twin captains’s bed, male Pomeranian,  481-1756

Wanted:   Used washer & dryer,  343-3439

To Sell:    Many romance novels, 343-1515

Wanted:    Rifles & guns, 794-3148

To Sell:    Washer & dryer, gas dryer, flat top stoves,  481-0088

To Sell:    6.5 HP gas engine,  2x horse collars, wash boards, wood stove, 8” stove pipe,  342-5763

To Sell:    2x BB guns,  366-3535

To Sell:    1989 4WD flatbed pickup,  794-9564