Emporium Items - March 22, 2014

To Sell:   3-4 foot long fence posts (35x), wood pallets, wood dowels, concrete blocks, Model 924 printer/scanner/copier with new ink cartridge, 481-3478

To Sell:   Pumped Chef & Longaberger dishes, Paula Dean bake ware, QS comforter, 8’ plastic table, Corning Ware dishes, 794-0000

To Sell:   New pocket/hunting knives, 16’ ski8 boat, CB radios, desk phone, 16” tires & wheels for Chevy pickup, 794-7663

Wanted:   Grandfather clock repairman, 342-7374

Wanted:   Roto tiller, 366-2580

To Sell:   32/32 & 32/34 jeans, bed spread, baby food warmer, medium size blouse, yarn, 342-2445

Wanted: 2x10 metal swing gates, 794-9093

To Sell:   Tiller, 16” pickup tires (P205), 794-5343

To Sell:   Roll-top computer desk with chair, FREE: ink cartridge fort HP 1200 printer, 342-3278

To Sell:   50 feet of wire fence, FREE: 30” exterior door, 344-0998

To Sell:   33x22 SS double sink, 342-5573

Wanted:   Low-mileage SUV (2010-2012), call 481-6011

To Sell:   2x Daisy BB guns, .22 long rifle bullets, 366-3535

To Sell:   Murray mower, scroll saw, dolly, reel for garden hose, 343-0564

To Sell:   Yamaha 750, 17’ bass boat, 2x .357 Magnum handguns, call 343-7818,

To Sell:   Twin or day bed, brake pads for Grand Caravan, 699-3373

To Sell:   2x smart phones, ($100 each), 794-5414

Wanted: Someone to re-tension clothes line, 342-1111

Wanted: QS mattress, SELL: antique peddle sewing machine, 343-6417

Free:   7-year-old mini-Schnauzer, 528-3295

To Sell:   72” mower, 80” pull-behind disks, 341-7314

To Sell:   Antique kitchen table with 4 chairs, 342-6703

To Sell:   4-year-old handicap power chair, 343-2997

To Sell:   Cable block with hook, hand-crank winch, 2-wheel dolly, 342-5727

Wanted:   High-chair, SELL: Girl Scout cookies, 794-0363

To Sell:   Murray riding mower, Toro push mower, roto-tiller, 366-1788

To Sell:   16-speed off-road bike, 794-6707

Wanted:   2x4’s and 2x6’s, call 443-5386

Wanted: Nisan or Toyota pickup, 203-1545

To Sell:   1999 Camaro T-top, 1992 Isuzu Rodeo 4WD, 366-0349