Emporium Items - November 9, 2013

To Sell:   Small dog crate, candle warmers, high-top bar table with 2

                   bar stools, Oster kitchen center, 794-0000

To Sell:   24” flat panel Dell computer monitor, 475-3578

To Sell:   16 c.f. upright freezer, $100, call 203-1545

To Sell:   AM-FM/cass. radio, quilt, sewing supplies, women’s western

                 shirts, 342-8152

To Sell:   Console piano, 794-5110

Wanted:   Louvered tailgate (air gate) for Ford, horse-drawn implements,

                   Wheel chocks for camper, SELL: big round bales of hay and alfalfa, 443-5051

To Sell:   Ice machine, 794-9789

To Sell:   Winchester 30-30 rifle, Stevens 410 shotgun,   340-0934

To Sell:   6 HP horiz. shaft gas engine, 2x horse collars,,wood stove,

                 8” stove pipe, 342-5763

Wanted:   Canning jars, 366-1046

Wanted:   8/10/12 HP Briggs engine, 803-2818

To Sell:   Component stereo, 412-3977

To Sell:   3 BR mobile home (16x80), 794-4418

To Sell:   16’ bowling ball, S8-1/2 men’s bowling shoes, men’s golf clubs, 342-4310

To Sell:   Homemade jewelry, 412-1868

To Sell:   New hunting knives, knee board, 794-7663

To Sell:   Sand bags, glassware, motorcycle tire, misc. holiday items,

                 antique hubcaps, 794-7499

To Sell:   Small square bales of alfalfa, 366-1582

To Sell:   24x24x42 (2000 lb.) safe, 481-8322

Wanted:   Small engine repairman, 794-3148

To Sell:   AKC Brittany pups, 785-983-4421

To Sell:   Sectional couch, small sq. bales of straw, 2003

                 Pontiac Grand Am, 341-3898

Wanted:   Car-pool going to Topeka, 794-0260

To Sell:   Someone to rake leaves, 342-1111

To Sell:   Pool table, 794-1343

To Sell:   3x P225/60-R16 Michelin tires, 4x 13” steel wheels

                 for Chevy, 342-7214

To Sell:   Leather couch, swivel rocker, wheel barrow, grass seeder,

                 concrete mixer, 366-0411

To Sell:   3-piece bedroom suite, 341-3821

Wanted:   Electric dryer, 481-0001

To Sell:   15 to 15-1/2” roping saddle, leather woman’s coat, 342-8327

To Sell:   Fire extinguisher, size 5-6 girl’s coat, size 3 girl’s

                 snow suit, 794-0363

To Sell:   1996 Plymouth Neon, aluminum pickup toolbox, 340-7631

Wanted:   Used frig., 412-2716

Wanted:   Frig., 794-5493

To Sell:   3000 bushel grain bin, portable quilt frame, 256-6530

To Sell:   2001 Ford Focus, parrot, WANTED: odd jobs, 316-206-3944

To Sell:   2x alum. crutches, 6’ combo ladder, 2x rural mailboxes, medium

                 doghouse, electric power washer, 481-3478

To Sell:   Firewood, large doghouse, stove, frig., washer/dryer, 481-0088

To Sell:   Fiberglass pickup topper for Ford F-250, call 794-0214

To Sell:   Dehumidifier, 803-2818

To Sell:   Elliptical exerciser, 342-8562

Wanted:   Pinball machine, 794-4418

To Sell:   Baby car seat, wood table & chairs, swing set, 342-0863

Wanted:   Old style Bell telephones (Princess, etc.) 342-7850

To Sell:   Child’s potty chair, 343-6417