Emporium Items - June 30, 2018

Wanted: full size bed frame 342-5760

For Sale: 3 boxes of fabric, gift bag and wrapping paper, fishing net, and aquarium supplies 343-6417

Wanted: TV 40" or larger 481-0001

Wanted: fresh vegetables 481-6653

For Sale: pickup bed tool boxes (2), mail box on post, oil drum on dolly, garden cart, metal wheelbarrow 342-7082

For Sale: 3x4 utility table 343-1496

For Sale: full set of golf clubs & KU golf bag 342-7682

For Sale: 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 (engine is ruined) body in good shape can be used for parts 1337 Prairie Park Lane or call 757-9429

For Sale: 5 doors $20 490-0877

For Sale: 21" box fan (unused) $10 208-9059

Wanted: brass, copper, and batteries 803-1668

For Sale: dresser and desk 341-9698

For Sale: Pickup bed topper (short bed) $150 366-1024

For Sale: 2006 moped $400 343-3020

For Sale: roaster pans medium and large sizes 208-9059

For Sale: Cub Cadet mower481-9914

For Sale: Cash register 481-6127

Wanted: lawn trimming jobs 412-7132

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