Emporium Items - September 29, 2018

For Sale: rocker loveseat 366-3535

For Sale: refrigerator 342-4255

For Sale: Skill saw, reciprocating saw, jigsaw $50 for all three 341-3821

For Sale: electric dryers, propane tanks 366-0411

For Sale: Remmington 870 express 12 gauge shotgun, cutting torch set, bed liner, treadmill, 32" TV  343-0564

For Sale: Landscaping rocks, pea gravel 794-5174

For Sale: books and material for shelves, looking for wood paneling 344-3518

For Sale: wreath making machine and wreath rings $100 342-6866

For Sale: 30 gallon drum, pickup bed toolbox, ladder rack for pickup bed, Restonic mattress 342-7082

For Sale: Manure spreader $750 220-0069

For Sale: nice office furniture for sale. Nice wood desks and credenzas, chairs, etc. for sale. $50 each or best offer. To see call 620-342-1500 or 316-305-1586.

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Last modified on Saturday, 29 September 2018 10:26

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