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Emporium Items - March 23, 2019

For Sale: (large) recliner, rocker recliner, love seat 366-3535

For Sale: DVDs and 2 TVs 481-6127

Wanted: junk 757-0534

For Sale: shotguns (assorted), telescope, paperback books 794-9564 

For Sale: 95 Dodge Dakota, 96 Ram 1500, toolbox 767-5307

For Sale: lantern (battery powered), bike helmet, Red Devil stick vacuum, ice cream maker landscape edging 208-9059 

For Sale: work pants 35x36 342-9491

For Sale: Wrangler Jeans, long/short sleeves shirts, sewing machine, PA System, looking for someone with stamp collection knowledge 443-5181

Wanted: carpet cleaner 794-7663

For Sale: $75 Mercedes $450 SL 794-7663

For Sale: microwave 340-8082

Wanted: lawn care jobs 794-6140

For Sale: Whirlpool washer and dryer 757-6577

For Sale: Maytag dryer, sleeper sofa, '06 moped 343-3606

For Sale: Singer sewing machine 343-3606

For Sale: GM wheels 16", treadmill 794-0214

For Sale: National Geographic magazines 343-1604

Wanted: two wheeled plastic wheelbarrow 203-1545

For Sale: DR power wagon, traditional wheelbarrow, 350 leaf bags, pickup bed tool box, 342-7082.

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