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Emporium Items - March 30, 2019

For Sale: 8ft PVC pipe carrier 794-0273

For Sale: DVDs and fishing landing net 481-6127

For Sale: burn barrels 366-0411 

For Sale: shotguns (assorted), telescope, paperback books 794-9564 

For Sale: 95 Dodge Dakota, 96 Ram 1500, toolbox 767-5307

For Sale: lantern (battery powered), bike helmet, Red Devil stick vacuum, ice cream maker landscape edging 208-9059 

For Sale: pickup bed topper for short bed 794-1024

For Sale: Wrangler Jeans, long/short sleeves shirts, sewing machine, PA System, looking for someone with stamp collection knowledge 443-5181

For Sale: 2006 motorcycle 366-0007

For Sale: $75 Mercedes $450 SL 794-7663

For Sale: adjustable extra long twin bed, 32" TV, 20ft log chain, 3 wheel scooter, copper skillets, looking for privacy fence slats 343-0564

Wanted: lawn care jobs 794-6140

For Sale: trampoline frame, shutters 794-6393 

For Sale: 4 tires, heavy duty transmission jack, motorcycle engine, 913-229-0850

For Sale: aluminum writing pad, aluminum ladder, 7 drawer desk, ladder rack for pickup 342-7082

For Sale: 2006 Ford F150 794-6612

For Sale: 16" scroll saw, radial arm saw, wood lathe 794-7014

For Sale: Johnson boat motor, air gate tailgate, corn pellet stove, looking for 14" wheels 794-2510

For Sale: upright deep freeze 343-0445

For Sale: many decades of National Geographic magazines 343-1604

For Sale: Firewood storage racks 344-0016

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Last modified on Saturday, 30 March 2019 10:41

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