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Emporium Items - August 10, 2019

For Sale: recliner, office chair, 25th anniversary care bear 366-3535 

For Sale: large dog house 343-0007

For Sale: Queen size box springs, frame and electric chair 366-0418

For Sale: side by side fridge 366-2737

For Sale: four cane legged chairs 344-3518

For Sale: Husqvarna mower, needed tree removal from their property 443-5106

For Sale: dog run panels, dog house 913-233-6722

For Sale: 5 horse drawn plows, sewing machine 343-6283

For Sale: 30 gallon drum w/dolly, wheelbarrow, 350 leaf bags, pickup bed toolbox 342-7082

Wanted: electric stove 342-2493

For Sale: 12 gauge slugs, copper skillets, computer running Windows 7, 12 gauge shotgun looking for fridge 343-0564

For Sale: stepper workout machine, gazelle workout machine, twin size box spring and frame, MTD mower 757-3285

For Sale: great pyrenees anatolian shepherd mix pups 341-0191

Wanted: Clock repair

Found: Lawn care tool 412-3551 (call and describe the tool to claim)

For Sale: pickup bed cover 344-4337

Wanted: Acoustic guitar 366-0084

For Sale: Medium men's shirts short and long sleeves $1 each 281-475-7934

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Last modified on Monday, 12 August 2019 12:12

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