Emporium Items - September 28, 2019

For Sale: Bedroom set including dresser, nightstand, queen size headboard 343-8330

For Sale: Kindle e-reader 757-7755

For Sale: chest freezer, electric dryer 366-0411

For Sale: push mower 343-0176

Wanted: 1 year old hen for companion to rooster 437-7592

Wanted: Book shelves 342-5101

For Sale: small grill in the shame of Chiefs helmet, and Chiefs beanbag chair $50 for both 340-5559 

For Sale: 6ft aluminum ladder, air tank, tools, fishing equipment, 342-3518

For Sale: computer with windows 7 OS, 12 gauge shotgun w/ammo, tin sheets, looking for large roaster oven 343-0564

For Sale: beds (standard size) 757-8469

For Sale: saddle pad for horses, sewing machine, jigsaw, juicer, strainer, 343-1604

Wanted: Utility trailer minimum of 12ft in the length 366-1024

Wanted: double sliding door 72x80 437-6642

For Sale: dog cage, dog house 481-1756

For Sale: pet taxi, deer feeder, dog house 366-2580

For Sale: John Deere push mower 341-1859

For Sale Fiberglass camper shell fits 6'4" of 6'5" beds 340-7906

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Last modified on Saturday, 28 September 2019 10:34