“The Emporium” is broadcast every Saturday morning from about 9:15 AM to 10:00 AM on 1400 KVOE-AM and is streamed live on the Internet at www.kvoe.com

Phone:  620-342-KVOE  (5863)


  • When the letter “x” follows a number, it indicates quantity.
  • Phone numbers are area code 620 unless otherwise noted.

Items duplicated from the previous week are only listed once.

NOTE:  KVOE can attach a photo of your item to your listing for just $5.00. Mail your $5 to PO Box 968 or drop it off at 1420 C of E Drive.

Emporium Items - March 21, 2015

To Sell:     Half-inch drive super ratchet + sockets & adapters, AM/FM radio, wood stakes, tomato stakes & cakes, WANTED: 12’ – 14’ aluminum extension ladder, 481-3478

To Sell:     Atari console & games, ski boat/motor/trailer, FREE: firewood, 794-7663

Wanted:     Old trailer houses to tear down, 474-7731

To Sell:     P225/75-R15 tires, 1997 Pontiac Bonneville for parts, wet/dry vac, porcelain dolls, 366-2679

To Sell:     Push seed spreader, chrome bumper for 2012 Dodge pickup, 481-9607

Wanted:     Old broken clocks, 343-1496

To Sell:     Pickle crocks, bird houses, ladies S10/12 clothes, 342-8152

Wanted:     300-400 gal. fiberglass water tank, 344-0998

To Sell:     Hunting bow, cover for Chevy pickup, 794-0575

To Sell:     14’ fishing boat/motor/trailer, 342-2621

To Sell:     2010 Lincoln, Xbox, pet carrier, baby clothes, 794-7499

To Sell:     7 x 9 garage door, someone to lay concrete, 412-9432

To Sell:     Small frig., $50, call 344-7451

Wanted:     Old motors/engines that are broken, 412-3370

Free:     Bed liner for Ford Ranger, 342-6446

To Sell:     Hot tub cover, 366-2580

Wanted:     Upright freezer, 412-2628

To Sell:     Toyota Yaris, 343-3836

To Sell:     1994 Olds, smoker, headers for 350 Chevy, 757-5024

To Sell:     MW oven, metal closet, 342-8804

Wanted:     Small pull wagon, 343-6417

To Sell:     Small square bales of straw & alfalfa, canning jars, 366-2020

Wanted:     Four 20” wheels for Escalade, 481-6169

To Sell:     Pallet jack, $125, call 342-5727

To Sell:     6-bottom p[low & hitch, tires off E-gleaner, double drill hitch, round balers of alfalfa, WANT: to rent prairie hay ground, 443-5051

To Sell:     Playhouse with swing, free weights and wt. bench, 343-1979

To Sell:     Washer & dryer, 794-3179

To Sell:     Tools, grinder, drill press, 316-206-3944

To Sell:     Small light bulbs, circular saw, hand saw, 208-9059

Wanted:     Odd jobs, 605-2392

Free:     Older air compressor, 342-5114

Emporium Items - March 14, 2015

Free: Small piano, 343-1509

To Sell:     ZR-100 compound bow, 366-2951

Wanted:     300-400 gal. fiberglass tank for pickup bed, 344-0998

To Sell:     Mini-tractor with loader, 481-8322

To Sell:     2x push mowers, 794-8755

To Sell:     Lug wrenches, double sink, antique push plow, garden cart, electric water pump, 342-5763

Wanted:     Ringer washer, 342-5291

Wanted:     Old motors, 481-3988

To Sell:     Small square bales of straw, 2000 Ford Focus, WANTED: Verizon cell phone, 366-2020

To Sell:     Baby bath chair, vibrating baby chair, weight vest, electric stove, 481-9377

Wanted:     Upright freezer, 412-2628

To Sell:     18’ Sunsetter awning, snooker table, 343-3786

Wanted:     Wood twin beds, 481-1756

To Sell:      Large safe, $500- (you haul), 794-1096

Wanted:     VCR/DVD combo, 343-0001

To Sell:    2x walkers, dehumidifier, wooden cowboy figurines, exerciser, 342-8152

To Sell:     Li’l Tykes toys, 2x small children’s bikes, 757-9507

To Sell:     Kids bikes, older cameras, WANTED: 343-6417

To Sell:     AKC Brittany pups, 12’ V-bottom boat, 785-466-6453

To Sell:     325 gal. pickup water tank, 343-8549

To Sell:     Bumper from 2012 Dodge pickup, NEED: someone to help with yard work, 481-9607

To Sell:     Wheelchair, walkers, bath chair, hi-rise for toilet, garden scooter, 208-9059

To Sell:     5HP front-tine tiller, WANTED: ’88-‘90 Chevy 4WD pickup, 767-3052

To Sell:     Power & hand toolsd, home medical supplies, WANTED: washer, 316-206-3944

To Sell:     2001 Dodge Grand Caravan, $2850, call 481-0001

Wanted:     Bass boat with motor & trailer, 343-6833

To Sell:     Wood hutch, 412-4701

Wanted:     Odd jobs, 481-6127

To Sell:     Keyboard amp, bass amp, PA system, C-PAP machine, 343-2961

To Sell:     Washer & dryer, 794-3179

To Sell:     12’ John boat, 794-8440

Emporium Items - March 7, 2015

To Sell:     Double porcelain kitchen sink, 342-2327

To Sell:     QS box spring & mattress, 2x self-propelled mowers, 794-9517

To Sell:     16’ ski boat, 794-7663

To Sell:     HP scanner/printer/copier, 5 HP wet/dry vac, sewer pump, 1997 Pontiac for parts, 366-2679

To Sell:     1997 Dodge RAM X-cab 4x4, 342-2491

Wanted:   Verizon I-phone 5C, call 344-2445

To Sell:   Paper shredder, shop vac, grandfather clock, 343-1496

To Sell:     Canning jars, WANTED: Verizon cell phone, 366-2020

To Sell:     .22 rifle, 316-435-2471

To Sell:     6HP roto-tiller, 366-3095

To Sell:     Washer & dryer, 794-1158

To Sell:     2006 Yamaha “Blaster 250” , 343-8555

To Sell:     Wheel chair, walking cane, walker, 316-206-3944

Wanted:     Old motors, engines for free, 412-3370

To Sell:     Bedliner for 80’s/90’s Ford pickup, plastic truck toolbox, TV stand, pc desk, igloo doghouse, 475-3731

To Sell:     Genie door opener, black walnuts, 794-7014

Free:     1-year-old mixed breed dogs, 481-1826

Wanted:   Bath stool, 342-2781

Wanted:     Full size box springs, 343-2740

To Sell:   92”x96” hot tub cover, 366-2580

To Sell:     5500 watt gas generator, WANTED: slide projector, 757-3285

To Sell:     Gas dryer, electric dryer, electric stove, P195/65-R15 tire, P245/65-R17 tire, call 913-633-6938

To Sell:     Washer & dryer, camcorder, 794-3179

Wanted:     Free-standing mirror, SELL: coach purse, 794-0937

To Sell:     2009 Ford F-150 with topper, 481-0088

To Sell:     1994 Olds for $700, 757-5024

To Sell:     6-bottom plow & hitch, tires off E-gleaner, double drill hitch, round balers of alfalfa, WANT: to rent prairie hay meadows, 443-5051

To Sell:     Cameras, 343-6417

To Sell:     Receiver hitch for Chevy, grill guard for Chevy, 343-0251

Wanted:     Washer, 341-9053

To Sell:     Electric range, QS hide-a-bed, 343-6706

Emporium Items - February 28, 2015

Wanted:   Someone to shovel snow, 342-1111

Wanted:   Pyrex lids by Corning Ware, 343-7748

Wanted:  Old clocks, 343-1496

Wanted:     Verizon cell phone, 366-2020

To Sell:     Chain link fence, 803-1871

To Sell:     Women’s size 7 jeans, S6 & S16 boys coats, new AT & T m,odem, S46 leather jacket, embroidery thread, 343-6417

To Sell:     Wood and aluminum step ladders, ratchet & sockets, 344-4386

To Sell:     Women’s boots, size 7D boots, FREE: 25” TV, 342-8152

To Sell:     Bath chair, fold-up cart, electric snowblower, 342-5763

To Sell:     2010 Civic 4-door, $9900, cxall 341-2011

Wanted:     Parts for front of 1993 Ranger, 343-6223

To Sell:     Hanging files, 208-9059

Wanted:     Bathroom stool, 342-2781

To Sell:     Wood stakes, rural mailbox, FREE: linoleum, 481-3478

Wanted:     Old used/broken motors & engines, 412-2370

Wanted:     Someone to cut up trees near Reading lake, 273-8630



Emporium Items - February 21, 2015

To Sell:     End tables, western books, 8x10 and 5x7 area rugs, cordless phone, 794-0000

Wanted:     Cushmann pickup bed, 342-6017

To Sell:     Aloe Vera plants, size 7D boots, 342-8152

To Sell:     Sofa, 342-9523

Wanted:     Installer for TV antenna, 481-6014

To Sell:     Split firewood, 366-2850

To Sell:     2x boys coats, 343-6417

Free:     Rat Terrier pups, 785-219-2361

To Sell:     Size 46/36 overalls, 388-2900

To Sell:     1994 Blazer 4WD, 343-6351

To Sell:     Child’s car seat & swing, inline skates, FREE: firewood, 794-7663

Wanted:     Guns & rifles, 794-3148

To Sell:     Dog feeder, rood vents, pet carrier, 3’ by 85” metal door, 342-5763

To Sell:     1930’s antique desk, cupboard & rack, 342-1807

Wanted:     Broken motors and engines, 20x8x10 tires, 412-3370

Wanted:     Four 55-gal. metal barrels, 340-2648

To Sell:     Electric dryer, 342-6703

To Sell:     2x riding mowers, front-tine tiller, WANTED: Chinese power sport vehicles, 528-3730

To Sell:     Various home health care items, 316-206-3944

To Sell:     30/32 jeans, WANTED: odd jobs, 481-6127

To Sell:     Local honey, 344-0998

Wanted:     55-gal. burn barrel, tiller, 803-1014

Wanted:     Straw bales, 794-3148

Wanted:     Bookends, 342-2700

Wanted:     Muskovee drakes, 785-528-5451

Wanted:     Bluegrass albums, 342-1554

To Sell:     5500 watt generator, 757-3285

To Sell:     Power wheelchair, 803-1093

To Sell:     Older style boom box, 4x walkie-talkies, mini-frig., Dictaphone type recorder, 208-9059


Emporium Items - February 14, 2015

To Sell:     16-gal. wet/dry shop vac, parts storage cases, wooden stakes, 481-3478

To Sell:     QS box springs, 343-2683

To Sell:     Oak hutch, roll-top desk, 343-8988

To Sell:     1993 Ford 2.0 liter motor, misc. parts for Mazda, 366-0446

To Sell:     2x recliners (green), 342-1605

To Sell:     5500 watt portable generator, 757-3285

To Sell:     4-foot blade for Huskvarna, 794-6515

To Sell:     Speaker box & 6000 watt amplifier, handicap ramp, WANTED: ringer washer, 342-5291

To Sell:     Little girl’s clothes, WANTED: love seat, 343-0001

To Sell:     17” flat screen monitor, 342-2057

Wanted:   Antique clocks for parts, 343-1496

Wanted:     6-inch steel I-beam at least 4 feet long, 342-0963

To Sell:     6.5 HP gas engine, 18” snow blower, stainless steel double sink, sump pumps, 342-5763

Wanted:     6x 55-gal. steel drums, 340-2648

To Sell:     Electric dryer, 342-6703

Wanted:     Chain link fence, 583-0196

To Sell:     Welder with motor and generator, 80 pound body bag, ’94 GMC Jimmy, 787-2320

To Sell:     Huskvarna riding mower, antique desk, 342-1807

To Sell:     Coach purse, 794-0937

To Sell:     QS bed & box springs, 344-4386

Wanted:     Twin bed, box springs & mattress, 342-2781

To Sell:     4-drawer filing cabinet, mini-frig, manual wheel chair, walker, 6-pc luggage set, 208-9059

Wanted:     Guns and rifles, 794-3148

To Sell:     PLC trainer, C-PAP machine, 343-2961

To Sell:     Local honey, 344-0998

To Sell:     Baby walker, king-size comforter, steel exterior door, 481-1756

Wanted:     Flatbed trailer, 481-9607