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“The Emporium” is broadcast every Saturday morning from about 9:15 AM to 10:00 AM on 1400 KVOE-AM and is streamed live on the Internet at www.kvoe.com

Phone:  620-342-KVOE  (5863)


  • When the letter “x” follows a number, it indicates quantity.
  • Phone numbers are area code 620 unless otherwise noted.

Items duplicated from the previous week are only listed once.

NOTE:  KVOE can attach a photo of your item to your listing for just $5.00. Mail your $5 to PO Box 968 or drop it off at 1420 C of E Drive.

Emporium Items - August 22, 2015

To Sell:   Horse shoe set, BBQ grill, landscape edging, wheelbarrows, Safe, 481-3478

To Sell:   Fiberglas shower unit, 481-7685

To Sell:   Wood high chair, baby car seat, grass catcher, desk phone, 794-7663

Wanted:   2-drawer filing cabinet, 343-3623

To Sell:   Frig., washer/dryer pair, 757-8547

To Sell:   14’ trampoline frame, garden trailer, 794-6393

Wanted:   Old motors, metal, 366-2679

To Sell:   Old bed frame, WANTED: odd jobs, 481-6127

To Sell:   8x tomato cages, wall clock, WANTED: old clocks, 343-1496

To Sell:   Small square bales of alfalfa and hay, WANTED: garden tractor implements, 366-1582

To Sell:   Small coffee table & end tables, 785-479-6837

To Sell:   Wooden gates, 342-4900

To Sell:   3-1/2 HP outboard motor, electric trolling motor, 794-7014

Wanted:   Reliable older car, 757-0898

To Sell:   Portable dishwasher, $50, call 757-9623

Wanted:   Frig. for trailer house, old trailer houses to tear down, 474-7731

Wanted:   1968 EHS yearbook, SELL: small desk $20, call 343-1515

Wanted:   Rolled insulation, child’s wagon, SELL: woman’s leather coat, buffalo hide vest, 343-6417

To Sell:   Hoverround electric wheel chair, $600, call 412-1464

To Sell:   Tempurpedic twin, 50 cal. black powder rifle, 343-0564

To Sell:   10-gal. air compressor, 803-1093

Wanted:   Sprint smart phone, 341-3725

To Sell:   Washer, electric dryer, 342-7010

To Sell:   Wingback chair, $25, call 342-7431

Wanted:   Grass catcher for Murray 21” mower, Slip ‘n slide, SELL: 200 yards of used pile carpet, mw oven, 342-2700

To Sell:   15 sections of wood privacy fence, 794-5764

To Sell:   Large glass reptile cage, 344-2661

Emporium Items - August 15, 2015

To Sell:   Men’s 26” bike, air cleaner, baby car seat, wooden high chair, 794-7663

To Sell:   27 sq. ft. of wood floor, 757-0629

To Sell:   Woman’s leather vest & leather coat, size 2/3 disposable diapers, WANTED: small pull wagon, 343-6417

To Sell:   Electric weed eater, magnifying reader, garden arbor, Mazda Miata rally wheels, WANTED: hearing aids, 366-2580

Wanted:   Junk metal hauled off, 913-620-1161

To Sell:   2x antique mantle clocks, olxder car manuals, large storage shelf, 316-347-4803

To Sell:   Occasional chair, brass floor lamp, 6 pc. ceramic salt/pepper shaker set, fiber optic Christmas tree, 342-7431

To Sell:   Size 42R men’s suit jacket, 36/32 pants, 366-2896

To Sell:   Time share in Florida (& elsewhere), cost $16000, sell for $3800, call 406-261-8066

Wanted:   Old mowers, engines, metal, 366-2679

To Sell:   Harley motorcycle memorabilia, 2x hand-carved figurines, antique bed, 342-8152

Wanted:   Old motors, especially 5HP Briggs for mini-bike, 412-3370

To Sell:   Samsung LED TV, wood coffee table, external speakers for computer, 3x wood bar stools, 803-8827

To Sell:   Double mattress set, small stuffed chair/rocker, 363-1202

To Sell:   Fresh tomatoes, FREE: cats, 364-3498

To Sell:   Mossberg 12G shotgun, $175, WANTED: 30-30 Winchester, 757-0898

Wanted:   Futon, bean bag chair, small TV, 366-1101

Wanted:   Yard work, 14” tire off Nisan pickup, 316-206-3944

Wanted:   Clothes rack, 343-0001

To Sell:   New blender, 208-9059

To Sell:   Elliptical exerciser, $200, antique dining room set, pool heater, filter pump, 785-554-6056

To Sell:   Small square bales of alfalfa, 366-1582

To Sell:   Table saw on wheels, 412-9534

Emporium Items - August 8, 2015

To Sell:   Shop rags, cookie jars, piggy banks,344-2661

Wanted:   Old mowers/ tillers/junk metal, 366-2679

To Sell:   .50 cal. Muzzle-loader, scope, shooting supplies, fired twice, 437-7961

To Sell:   10-gal. air compressor, 803-1093

To Sell:   Chest freezer, $50, call 342-2327

To Sell:   Child’s high chair, 2x small TV’s, 2x VCR’s, WANTED: electrical conduit or similar pipe, 794-7663

To Sell:   Hot tub cover, garden arbor, 366-2580

To Sell:   3x computer printers, 481-9607

To Sell:   P235/75R15 tires, wall clock, 343-1496

Wanted:   Life jackets, boating accessories, 755-5223

To Sell:   2x exercise bikes, bath chair, 342-5763

To Sell:   Violin, 343-1712

To Sell:   Oak twin bed, chest of drawers, occasional chair, brass floor lamp, 6-piece canister set, 342-7431

Wanted:   Child’s wagon, day bed & trundle, SELL: steamer trunk, lady’s leather vest, FREE: twin bed, 343-6417

To Sell:   Drill Doctor bit sharpener, $70, call 366-2896

Wanted:   Small frig., 342-1554

To Sell:   Washer/dryer, 342-7010

To Sell:   50 feet of 4-foot chain link fence, posts, gate, 341-2061

To Sell:   2x Memorial Lawn lots in Emporia, 342-6009

To Sell:   Savage 30-06, Remington .270, Mossberg 12G shotgun, bass boat, WANTED: Winchester 30-30, call 757-0898

To Sell:   TV stand, small desk, wing-back chair, 412-1801

Wanted:   Broken engines, mowers, 412-3370

Wanted:   Odd jobs, 412-1030

To Sell:   Storage shelves, metal wardrobe, WANTED: handguns, double-barrel 410 shotgun, 2x flat screen TV’s, 316-347-4803

To Sell:   Electric dryer, washer, frig., 50-cal black powder rifle, Tempurpedic twin bed, 343-0564

To Sell:   Dining room table & 6 chairs, 481-0410

To Sell:   Oxygen concentrator, lawn edger, 412-7132

To Sell:   Antique oak kitchen cabinet, antique chest of drawers, dining room table & 4 chairs, couch, FS mattress & box springs, Parson’s chairs, 481-6655

To Sell:   Large pet cage, 342-0640

To Sell:   Lil Tykes race car bed, battery for Works weedeater, 481-1756

To Sell:   Light brown carpet, 342-2700

Free:   Upright piano, 785-633-2404

To Sell:   Hand saws, 3x wood shelves, mini blinds, traverse rod, oil change kit, 208-9059

To Sell:   55-gal. steel drums with lids, 591-0060

To Sell:   4-drawer filing cabinet, 757-6669

Free:   Storm door, 475-3574

To Sell:   2x boats (12’ and 15’), 341-1961

To Sell:   2x 30-foot light poles, 343-0780

Emporium Items - August 1, 2015

To Sell:   2x older TV’s, end tables, 43”x23” desk, baby car seat, 794-7663

To Sell:   Trailer house frame, WANTED: Trailer houses to tear down, 474-7731

Wanted:   Chain link fence, 342-8152

To Sell:   Small square bales of alfalfa, 366-1582

To Sell:   Shop work bench, metal cabinet, twin oak bed, 4-dr. chest of drawers, weather radio, occasional chair, 342-7431

Wanted:   Used lumber, someone to rebuild farm pond, SELL: miniature horse, 528-3295

To Sell:   2x wall clocks, WANTED: used clocks, 343-1496

Wanted:   Someone to mow lawn (mower is provided), 913-620-1161

To Sell:   27-ton wood splitter, Bush Hog, WANTED: square bales of straw, 417-448-9968

Wanted:   Old mowers, 620-412-3370

To Sell:   Small animal carrier, antique garden plow, horiz. shaft engine, 4-way lug wrench, 342-5763

To Sell:   1996 Chrysler mini-van, push mower, 803-8788

To Sell:   Small safe, 50-gal. plastic barrels, half-width concrete blocks, 481-3478

To Sell:   Ford bedliner, plastic truck toolbox, TV stand, tires: P195/65R-15, P245/65R17, call 475-3731

To Sell:   2x mowers, punching bag, exercise machine, gas grill, 341-3676

To Sell:   Full size frig., $50, call 343-0176

To Sell:   Older TV ($5), Tempurpedic bed, small Radio Flyer wagon, 343-0564

To Sell:   Electric dryer, $125, electric stove $200, 913-633-6938

To Sell:   VCR tapes (various movies), baby high chasir, 343-0001

To Sell:   2x chairs with Ottoman, topper for Toyota, 757-6001

Wanted:   Used wood from cedar deck, 343-1452

To Sell:   Snooker table, 3x cast iron tubs, 3-point farm implements, 343-3786

To Sell:   2000 Toyota mini-van, 757-1494

Wanted:   Wrought iron patio furniture, 343-2949

To Sell:   15” wheel and tire off 2011 Impala, table saw, 475-3863

To Sell:   Oak end table, broken window AC, 342-0767

To Sell:   Oak desk, 481-8322

To Sell:   Topper for Ford pickup, dog pen, Remington .870 barrel & stock, electric stove, 343-6706

To Sell:   Push mowers, child-size picnic tables, 757-9507

Emporium Items - July 25, 2015

To Sell:   ESU Marching Hornets uniforms, $30 for complete uniform, $10 for just pants, jacket or hat, 341-5431

Wanted:   Good used automatic livestock waterer for 2 horses, 316-640-7197

To Sell:   18500 BTU window air conditioner (220 volt), call 794-0553

To Sell:   2x collector dolls, 342-4068

To Sell:   Large terra cotta pots, FREE: apple wood, 412-3151

Wanted:   Odd jobs, lawn mowing work, hauling work, 412-1030

Wanted:   Old mowers, engines (broken), 412-3370

To Sell:   Tempurpedic twin bed, very small child’s wagon, 343-0564

Wanted:   Fisher-Pykel washer for parts, 342-5727

To Sell:   Stand-up exerciser, 343-1956

To Sell:   18” chain saw, WANTED: chest freezer, 875-6395

To Sell:   Large stereo speakers, woodworking vises, electrical plug for dryer, plastic screen for patio, 794-7663

To Sell:   Size 9-1/2 men’s work boots, home school books, weight vest, 481-9377

To Sell:   2x push mowers, large bird cage, WANTED: odd jobs, 481-6127

To Sell:   Clothes dryer, $75, call 794-5001

To Sell:   2000 Silverado, WANTED: late model 4WD Silverado with low miles, 757-3285

To Sell:   Gas dryer, 757-9931

To Sell:   24’ of wood picket fence, 343-5365

To Sell:   Power winch, 1985 Honda Goldwing, 762-2030

To Sell:   28’ extension ladder, dining table & 6 chairs, hutch, entertainment center, pot belly stove, curio cabinet, 342-6146

To Sell:   2x wheel barrows, BBQ grill, 2x metal bed frames, landscape edging, fertilizer spreader, 481-3478

Wanted:   Male Pomeranian for stud, 481-1756

Wanted:   HD 48” pool ladder, 344-0829

To Sell:   Rally wheels & tires for Mazda Miata, 366-2580

Wanted:   George Foreman grill, 343-6255

To Sell:   Horse tack, (various saddles, etc.), surround sound systems, multi-function printer, $40, call 343-8216

To Sell:   4x pieces of short shag carpeting, 340-5206

Emporium Items - July 18, 2015

Free:   Shrine bowl tickets (July 25th in Hays), 343-1092

To Sell:   Toneau cover for 1993 Ford Ranger, $50, call 794-3157

To Sell:   MTD lawn mower, small fertilizer spreader, power wagon with sulky, wheelbarrows, 481-3478

Wanted:   Old mowers & tillers, (junked) 366-2679

Wanted:   Burlap, 7894-7663

To Sell:   QS mattress box springs, 412-2630

Wanted:   Grandfather clock, will do clock servicing, 343-1496

To Sell:   Several box fans, 208-9059

Wanted:   Pole/tower for TV antenna, 342-4110

To Sell:   Wing-back chair, rocker/recliner, brass lamp, 6-pc canister set, 342-7431

To Sell:   QS box spring mattress, 794-6903

Wanted:   Odd jobs & hauling work, 412-1030

To Sell:   10-gal. air compressor, 803-1093

To Sell:   1-bottom plow, older drill press, 481-9519

To Sell:   Side-by-side frig., 437-6908

To Sell:   Electric dryer, $70, call 366-0411

To Sell:   Gazelle exerciser, 343-1956

To Sell:   2x cowboy figurines, stand-up exerciser, 342-8152

To Sell:   Wood chipper, 344-3214

To Sell:   2-horse trailer, 342-7223

To Sell:   Floor mats, drapes, pint jars, 341-3821

To Sell:   Puppies, 344-0056

Wanted:   Odd jobs, 316-206-3944

To Sell:   Washer/dryer pair, 316-619-8851

To Sell:   Garden pull wagon, 14’ trampoline frame, 794-6393

To Sell:   FS topper, dog pen, Remington .870 barrel & stock, older minnow trap, 343-6706

Wanted:   Slip ’n slide, 342-2700

To Sell:   2005 Harley Road King, 785-633-0096

To Sell:   15’ flat bottom boat with motor, 24,000 BTU window AC (220 volt), call 340-7631

To Sell:   Snooker table, 3x cast iron bath tubs, 3-point farm implements, 343-3786

Wanted:   Old motors, 412-3370

To Sell:   Guitar amp, PA amp, 343-2961

To Sell:   Large office chair, 342-0767

To Sell:   Lil’ Tykes swing, 342-7896

To Sell:   Rally wheels & tires for Mazda, hot tub cover, 366-2580

Wanted:   Cut rhubarb, live rhubarb plant, child’s wagon, day bed & trundle, SELL: steamer trunk, 343-6417