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Every Friday morning at 8:15, Phil Taunton will join the KVOE Morning show and let listeners know What’s In Outdoors.

 Below you can listen to past shows and find information relating to all kinds of stuff.  ENJOY!


Email us – outdoors@kvoe.com 

What's In Outdoors Calendar

All Year

Kansas Crappie Club Tournaments - More Info

Sept 15

Lyon County Quail Forever Youth Instructional Shoot - https://www.facebook.com/lyoncountyquailforever/

Sept 21 & 22

BNSF Family Fun day at the lake - Flyer

Oct 13

October 13 is a Lyon County Internet Assisted Hunter Education Class at Rex William’s Farm. - Flyer

For more information on this and for other classes, Go to http://www.safehunters.com/ 

Oct 20

Gary Fuller Shootout - Information

Jan 25-27, 2019

Kansas Monster Buck Classic - Flyer - http://www.monsterbuckclassic.com/

For Sale: full size mattress, Pitt State and KSU sweatshirts wunder board (for concrete use) 342-7082

For Sale: fruit jars, girls huffy bike 341-3821

For Sale: sharpening stone 794-4762

For Sale: trail cam, 20ft log chain, pickup bed liner, cactus and hens and chicks(plants) adjustable bed 343-0564

Wanted: 2 loads of dirt delivered and selling washer and dryer 342-8140

Wanted: bids for a outside staircase 343-7218

For Sale: porcelain tile 794-3926

For Sale: tomato cages, propane tanks, shop mat, burn barrel electric dryer 366-0411

For Sale: China hutch, reclining love seat, pedestal table w/5 chairs, recliner 794-3670

Wanted: extension ladder 317-402-1636

For Sale: 6 week old chicks $120 for all of them 481-0700

For Sale: 36" and 32" storm doors 794-2025



Brad Clay, host of the Pursuit Channel's "Final Descent Outdoors" will join us on the show to discuss his love of all things wild. 

Brad will be the guest speaker at Church of the Nazarene's Man Day to be held, September 15 at 2931 W. 24th Ave. Emporia.





Recap of Bluestem Farm and Ranch Supply's Conservation and Wildlife Appreciation Day. September 7-8
Marco lives in Dodge City, has never caught a fish, flung an arrow or shot a pellet gun and we hope to hook him us with some outdoor mentors in that area. Thank you Megan Hilbish and Lyon County 4-H Shooting Sports for all you do!

Dylan Faulconer, founder of the Kansas Crappie Trail will join us on the show to discuss the first ever Kansas State Crappie Championship at Lake Perry, Top Secret Jigs and the BNSF Family Fun Day at Clinton Lake, September 21st and 22nd!
There will also be a BBQ Battle Royale with all proceeds going to benefit the Kansas Children Service League.


          Today my feelings on the New York Times Op-Ed about President Trump and the White House. Not because I support the President because I do not, but because this whole Op-Ed episode is so deplorable.

          Understand this – we do not use anonymous letters here at KVOE. When I say “do not,” I mean Do Not!

          At KVOE we have on occasion gone to the person being singled out by an anonymous letter and ask that person if they wanted to respond, but we don’t use anonymous information on air.

          It was interesting that when the Times released the Op-Ed they said they knew the person who wrote it and that this person was “credible.”

          My reaction to that is: sorry New York Times, but you don’t get to judge “credible” because you gave your credibility away when you printed the anonymous letter!

          One TV commentator said – “the New York Times has lower standards than most local radio stations.”

          With that said it is interesting to speculate who might have written the Op-Ed.

          My first thought was this letter wasn’t particularly unique suggesting anyone, including me, could have written it after reading the book Fire and Fury and Bob Woodward’s new book Fear which incidentally came out almost simultaneously with the Op-Ed.

          Heck, the thought has passed by me that it could have been written internally by people at the New York Times.

          Evidently, a committee at the Times made the decision to print the letter. Do you suppose at the newspaper there is some level of nervousness that someone might break? If CNN came calling offering a million or two you’d think someone might squeal.

          And finally, there seems to be a pretty high level of agreement that writing this anonymous letter was a cowardly act. If these things are half true – and I think they likely are – then this person should have manned up, taken credit for telling the American people the truth and been prepared to suffer the consequences.

          The intrigue as to “who done it” is higher today that when we were trying to figure out who shot JR!

          The word “deplorable” was used earlier to describe my opinion of the entire event. Printing an anonymous letter is bad journalism and remember our standards here at KVOE are higher than those of the New York Times!

          I’m Steve Sauder and these thoughts are mine!


For Sale: full size mattress, Pitt State and KSU sweatshirts wunder board (for concrete use) 342-7082

For Sale: 16 Mallard ducks 437-6119

For Sale: 10ft Lowe Jon boat, trolling motor, teeter inverter 437-6885

Wanted: lawns to mow 343-5365

For Sale: double barrel shotgun and ammo, cooler, pneumatic air compressor, belt/disc sander combo 443-5181

For Sale: ducks and roosters, fat hog ready for market, 528-3295 or 366-0007

For Sale: hunting bow and crossbow 785-633-0096

For Sale: 30 gallon barrel, wheel barrow, mailbox on post, pickup toolbox 342-7082

For Sale: tomato cages, propane tanks, shop mat, burn barrel 366-0411

For Sale: 1100 semi-auto shot gun 794-7014

For Sale: 9 drawer dresser 794-0363

For Sale: massage chair 794-0586

For Sale: Used tires 803-1608

For Sale: 20 ton home made press, hydraulic cherry picker $50.00 340-7866

For Sale: Power couch and recliner (leather) 794-1811

Free: 8 week old kittens 366-0989

For Sale: Golf clubs 342-7682

For Sale: oak roll top desk 342-0767

For Sale: 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee 481-0001

Wanted: Someone to mow a lot 343-6417

For Rent: 2bd house 342-4900

For Sale: safe $300, Sauna (in box) $200 794-1096

For Sale: hunting bow and crossbow 785-633-0096

For Sale: 30 gallon barrel, wheel barrow, mailbox on post, pickup toolbox 342-7082

For Sale: 20ft log chain, trail cam, adjustable bed, hip waiters, 343-0564

For Sale: assorted books 344-3518

For Sale: 9 drawer dresser 794-0363

For Sale: massage chair 794-0586


The National Football League kicks off tomorrow night.

Our President Donald Trump is not one of the NFL’s biggest supporter.

An article in The Atlantic titled: Trump’s Divisive and Relentless Politicization of the NFL helps me tell you why.

Mark Leibovich argues in his new book, Big Game, that the president has made the league central to his politics, pitting his largely white base against the mostly African American players.

Remember Colin Kaepernick? He's the former 49ers quarterback who started kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial inequality in America.

Silently he is Trump's hero because the NFL was clueless how to handle Kaepernick's protests so they gave Trump a new bully pulpit.

With the quarterback and our national anthem as his foils Trump has had a field day. His tweets were not only pleasing to folks who harbor racial prejudices but to those who were not fans of the NFL and to people who saw the connection between football and America becoming soft thus promoting Trump's "Make America Great Again!"

Adding to the confusion was the fact that many of the NFL owners were friends with Trump and had donated to his campaign. Leibovich points out in his book that leadership in the NFL is very weak and the owners while rich are not as a group all that intelligent.

In the meantime, Trump does everything he can to keep the controversy started by Kaepernick alive. He even stole much of the Super Bowl hype with the controversy about who would show up at the White House or not.

Recently when two of Trump’s top aides were pleading or being found guilty of crimes our President took on ESPN for announcing they would not be showing the playing of the Star Spangled Banner on their Monday Night NFL games.

His email to donors accused ESPN of "spineless surrender to the politically correct liberal mob."

Never mind that ESPN's policy on this was not a change from previous years.

As for Trump versus the NFL - this conflict is working well to propel his political career but it hasn’t been an effective remedy for one of his greatest underlying personal desires.

Since the 1980's Donald Trump has been rebuked several times in his quest to become an NFL owner.

So remember as the next episodes of Trump vs. the NFL unfold - revenge is always one of our President's top motivators!

Thankfully, it’s football season!

I’m Steve Sauder

  • Brad Niemann, Melvern Wildlife Area Manager Supervisor for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism will join us on the show to discuss all the outdoor opportunities Melvern Wildlife Area offers young and old alike to enjoy the Great Outdoors. 

Brad can be reached at  Office: (620) 699-3372   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


  • Josh Lutze fishing from a kayak landed this nice 5.5 pound largemouth on a black buzzbait Sunday morning at Council Grove City Lake!

The 2nd Annual Heroes Helping Heroes youth and veteran bass tournament will be held on the lake September 8 and 9.

Marty Thurman and crew, thanks for what you do!



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