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Every Friday morning at 8:15, Phil Taunton will join the KVOE Morning show and let listeners know What’s In Outdoors.

 Below you can listen to past shows and find information relating to all kinds of stuff.  ENJOY!


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            Today will be my last "Something to Think About" for a while. Bobbi and I are headed to the desert in California to escape weather like the past ten days here at home!

            Physical challenges make vacations like our friends are taking impossible for me. Trips like cruises and vacations requiring a lot of walking are out, so going west for the winter is our game.

            You might have noticed I said away from "home" because Emporia is home and always will be! We lease in California and always will!

            The big reason we can be gone is that of the quality people we work with here at KVOE, at the Candlewood, at ValuNet and son James gets credit too.

            Ron Thomas is a leader whose work ethic is so impressive his co-workers simply follow his example. Tim Miller, Greg Rahe, Scott Hays, Sean Thornton, and Chuck Samples are not only outstanding veteran broadcasters they are the envy of other radio stations. Throw in KVOE's other excellent announcers, our crack sales force and Terri and Kari in the front office and you have a super organization.

            ValuNet delivers high-quality Internet, HDTV and phone service over fiber that isn't just the best in Emporia or Kansas it's as good as you can find anywhere - worldwide!

            Credit Rick Tidwell and Stormy Supiran with awesome vision and leadership at ValuNet with incredible support from pros like Jelinda  Watts, Stephanie Green, Tom Mains, Christy Miller, and Jacob Hill. Fact is: all 32 on ValuNet's team are winners.

            And don't forget Bob Agler! He's retired now, but his fingerprints are everywhere as he taught most of us about hard work, integrity, and accountability.

            The Candlewood? It just keeps rolling. Our veteran and very dedicated housekeeping staff keep our facility the cleanest in E-Town. That's not bragging cause that's what our guests tell us.

            Kurtis Bryan is our new General Manager and his first few months indicate he's a keeper.

            Son James gets credit for vision too as his Hidden Vistas new home addition is a home run of giant proportions. His leadership in things really makes us proud.

            Susan Grother is a name you may not recognize. She started in the office at KVOE over 30 years ago and has stayed with us in many ways.  Today she's the glue tying all our endeavors together. She's the best!

            Some may wonder where Erren Harter fits in. Not long ago someone  asked me "what does Harter do for you?' Before I could answer someone said "a lot" but I corrected him saying "no, he does everything!"

            Officially Erren's title is Promotion Manager at KVOE, but also manages IT, HR, Insurance, United Way, Pack the Pantry and anything else we need. He has his finger in everything I am involved with and my family. There are no words to describe his worth, knowledge and skill.

            Erren Harter is trusted beyond description.

            So, you see we can be gone for a while because we are truly blessed. Have a great Holiday, see you in the Spring.

            I’m Steve Sauder



John Ingold, Express Tire and Auto of Emporia and a member of the Twin Rivers Bass Club joins What’s in Outdoors this morning to discuss touring model Polaris Sportsman ATVs and how to fish for cold water bass. 









National Shoot to Retrieve Field Trials. Catch the Fever!
















I prepared this talk on Election Day. While I have no idea how this rather nasty event ends, I do know unless our elected leaders start finding the gumption to act on behalf of their constituents rather than for their party our future as Kansans and Americans will be less than we are hoping for.

          In his book Gumption, Nick Offerman tells about the gumption shown by the founders of America - Washington, Jefferson, Franklin,  Hamilton, Madison, and others.

          He wrote, "The magnificent sons of bitches who founded our United States truly brandished a courage that is hard to fathom.......they saw the extremely rare opportunity to create a new American experiment."

          They were "faced with the choice of either a continued subservience to an overweening Mother England or a gathering of their colonial brass balls in their mitts with which to cast off the taxing yoke of England's imperial control."

          "These forward thinkers envisioned a nation ruled "by the people, for the people," founded on notions like "liberty and justice for all."

          Offerman added some irony to his thoughts "Not only were our fledgling American government and society crafted by human beings but further it must be noted with appropriate gravity, by all white dudes." and "the Declaration of Independence was composed, ratified and signed by several Caucasian men, some of whom owned a great many slaves."

          The stories of Americans showing the gumption to change the course of history with their bold deeds and powerful actions is present in every chapter of our country’s amazing story.

          But today America seems to be hogtied by a lack of courage and leadership from our powerful leaders both in Washington and to a lesser degree in Topeka.

          President Trump calls himself a Republican, but his actions leave much to be desired when compared to Republican leaders of the past.

          I am asking our elected Kansas leaders like Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts, and Roger Marshall when will you stand up and speak out against our President's obvious lack of truthfulness and morality?

          And my friends on the other side while your leader's task is admittedly more difficult what we need from them are fresh ideas and a willingness to compromise not just opposition.

          Gumption has been an attribute of great Americans since our founding. It appears to me time is starting to run short for a new breed of "magnificent sons of bitches" to step forward.

          I'm Steve Sauder and there something to think about!

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          Have you voted yet? If not, beware it's Halloween and there's a candidate dressed like a lamb that's really a wolf in the governor's race.

          If you use Google and Wikipedia you can find an impressive list of accomplishments for Kris Kobach, but if you read on there's baggage associated with this candidate that is not so good.

          Mr. Kobach is well educated - Washburn Rural High School, Harvard undergrad, Yale Law School and Oxford in England. He's been a law clerk, taught law at UMKC, worked in President George W. Bush's administration, served on Overland Park's City Council and was amazingly active on immigration issues in several states before becoming our Secretary of State.

          Pretty impressive resume, but Wikipedia offers:

Kobach is also known for his calls for stronger voter ID laws in the United States and a Muslim registry.  He has made claims about the extent of voter fraud in the United States that studies and fact-checkers have concluded are false or unsubstantiated.

          His voter fraud prosecution record in Kansas is laughable.

          In August of  2018, ProPublica and The Kansas City Star reported that none of the towns where Kobach helped to enact anti-immigration ordinances over a 13-year period still had those ordinances on the books. The ordinances were costly to defend in court, with some localities going bankrupt.  At the same time, Kobach personally profited, earning more than $800,000 on legal work for the localities, paid both by the localities and an anti-immigration advocacy group.

          It is also reported that Kobach and his wife have homeschooled their 5 children creating an interesting situation where Kansas could have a governor who obviously doesn't trust its’ public schools making policy for those schools.

          I don't think so.

          Laura Kelly, on the other hand, offers Kansans a veteran lawmaker who has consistently taken a centrist position working across the aisle to provide good decisions for Kansas. We have survived the Brownback debacle and our state is absolutely poised for growth.

          Electing Kris Kobach governor will eliminate any chance for bipartisan governing in Kansas and also our state's opportunity to prosper.

          Please vote and help select the obvious best choice for governor of Kansas.

          Thanks for listening, I'm Steve Sauder.


The Lyon County League has plenty of athletic legends. Coach's like Hevel, Gaydos, McClain, and players like Waverly's Sean Robbins and Kole Shankie at Madison just to mention a couple.

          But, for discussion let me suggest Olpe leads the league in legends.

          Football at Olpe is adding to that legend but can it top Olpe's Lady Eagle Basketball?

          Carolyn Richard was awesome at Emporia State and continues as a legendary coach.

          Jesse Nelson is obviously more than just an Olpe legend. His girls have won more games than anyone is Kansas high school history and he's still on the sidelines.

          Last Saturday two other Lady Eagle basketball legends added to their stories!

          Michelle Stueve was inducted into the Emporia State Athletic Hall of Honor in the very first year she was eligible! And, Kathryn Flott chose the same day to get married.

          Both ladies were All-State Basketball players for Nelson at Olpe and then matriculated to Emporia State where both had legendary basketball careers. And you can add academic excellence to both their resumes.

          Stueve's name is on one of 7 banners in White Auditorium indicating she’s one of the best ever Lady Hornet's. She is the all-time leading scorer in MIAA history and leads her own school is points, three-point baskets, free throws and is second in rebounding and was a multiple time All American.

          She married Jeremiah Corpening and they have twin girls and a little boy. Before the family, Michelle worked at Wolf Creek. 

          Flott playing in Stueve's shadow still managed to make a name for herself.

          After a solid freshman year at ESU Kathryn experienced two nightmarish years. On the first official day of practice her sophomore year she blew out a knee. Her rehabilitation work ethic is a legend all its own!

          She approached the first official day of practice a year later with amazing enthusiasm only to blow out the same knee again!

          Many would have thrown in the towel, but not Flotty.

          The record shows she played three more years – it took six years total!

          She was twice MVP of the MIAA Post Season Tournament; third in career rebounds for the Lady Hornets; played in 4 Sweet 16 tournaments and one NCAA Final 4.

          Flott, now Mrs. Jared Whitcomb teaches at the Emporia Middle School and we hear she's a great teacher!

          Congratulations to all the Lyon County legends and especially Michelle and Kathryn on their special day last Saturday and on their legendary lives.

          I'm Steve Sauder

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Joe Bragg, founder of the Kansas Crappie Club will join What’s in Outdoors to discuss the fall crappie bites, lakes that are producing good fish and techniques to make your fishing adventure a success. Joe will be joined by Megan Springer, who fishes with Dustin Hobbs and is currently third in KCC tournament points. Megan is also a spokesman for Ronald McDonald House Fundraisers. The Kansas Crappie Club will be hosting a crappie tournament and fundraiser to benefit RMHF on October 27 at Perry Lake.





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