December 20, 2017

          Sometimes an opportunity just lands in your lap!

          Case in point was a lunch with retired banker Ken Buchele and Becky Jeppesen the new CEO at the Emporia Community Foundation. It was planned as a get-acquainted lunch, but we found a neat opportunity.

          Seems my parents left an undesignated fund at the Community Foundation. The new CEO was curious if we had a plan. In the 11 years since my dad passed the fund had made a couple of gifts, but nothing else.

          Bob Agler, the Execrator of dad's estate said, "Earl didn't want this fund to be permanent  - he wanted activity!"

          Lord knows dad would not have approved just letting the money sit!

          So, we have decided to put these funds to use.

          We have created the Stelouise and Earl Sauder Youth Assistance Fund to benefit youth organizations in Lyon, Coffee, Greenwood and Chase Counties with the stipulation that the recipient groups need to be predominately made up of kids 18 and under.

          We have no preconceived notions as to what will qualify except for being located in the four counties where my folks lived and or worked and the age qualification. We hope youth leaders will use their imagination in making requests.

          We aren’t interested in replacing fundraising for these groups, but will be willing to help if the group has some skin in the game.

          Our numbers aren't huge, but big enough to offer assistance.

          We are going to administer the fund through KVOE with assistance from the Emporia Community Foundation.

          The Application form is on the KVOE website and also available on the Emporia Community Foundation website.

          There are no deadlines. A committee of me, Jamie Sauder, Erren Harter and someone from the Community Foundation will make all decisions. There will be an allocation each year that when spent will shut the fund down until the following year.

          Like I said we have no preconceived rules, so we encourage any and all to check this fund out. We have some money and a desire to help.

          It's the Stelouise and Earl Sauder Youth Assistance Fund with applications at kvoe.com.

          Merry Christmas, I'm Steve Sauder.