Today my topic is the Bond Issue for a new facility in USD 251, North Lyon County on October seventh.

I’m not a patron in the district so if you say this is none of my business I’ll accept that but, still offer my thoughts.

Listening to Board of Education President Matt Horton and Superintendant Aron Dody Monday convinced me that this plan to build a new K-12 facility, district office and athletic facilities in one location makes very good sense.

No one wants to add dollars to their tax bill, but that’s going to happen in USD 251 whether this issue passes or not.

Dody offers a compelling laundry list of economic factors that make building a new facility seem reasonable.

Cost savings from transportation alone will be staggering! Currently buses criss-cross the district to get students to class and sometimes kids even have to change buses.

More manageable classes save dollars: Example: 32 fifth grader this year in Americus and 9 in Reading. If together there would need 2 teachers with 21 and 20 students. Reality – 3 classes, 3 teachers with an additional cost of about $50,000!

Obviously maintaining and staffing the 3 existing buildings is far more expensive than just one.

Energy savings in the new school will be gigantic!

It would seem plausible that enrollment in 251 could increase with better proximity to potential students from other districts.

It appears the 251 Board has made every effort to involve patrons and answer their questions.

North Lyon County is an area made up incredibly good, strong, and hard working people. Drive around the area and you can see the tremendous pride folks have in their properties.

Seems to me that that same pride will be exhibited in this new school? The upside seems enormous. In a state where leadership is seriously lacking USD 251 leaders are setting an example about which the district can take great pride.

It will be a big decision on October seventh. Hopefully everyone will get well informed and vote.

I’m Steve Sauder

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Last modified on Thursday, 12 April 2018 11:03

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