"Heredity," is defined as "the passing of traits from parents to their offsprings.

It would have been nice to have inherited a few more things from my dad like his skinny body type or his work ethic, but I didn’t get to choose.

One trait I did get from dad and his dad is poor hearing. My granddad wore hearing aids but heard nothing. You know, grandma's constant instructions might have influenced his hearing.

Dad fought his inability to hear forever. It was amazing how well he masked it.

Personally, hearing aids have been my friend for almost twenty years. I just purchased a new set and they are amazing.

I have been wearing the type that fit in your ear and they were large. People seeing my hearing aids wasn't important, I just needed to hear.

Over the past six months, my ability to understand what was being said became a challenge. In conversations, meetings and especially doing radio interviews my ability to understand was compromised.

Keeping the wax cleaned out of my ears and keeping my hearing devices clean helped, but those were temporary fixes.

A month ago my hearing Doc suggested I do a trial run with new – improved hearing aids.

Interestingly, the trial aides didn't have to be fitted to my ear - one size fits all and the newbies are very light and easy to wear.

They are amazing. While my hearing isn't 20/20 to - coin a phrase - it is much improved.

My new hearing aids can be controlled by an App on my cell phone. I now stream my cell phone into my hearing aids. I hear it ring, but others don't and I hear the callers loud and clear. I can stream the radio or recorded music right into my hearing aids and no one else hears it.

Using Bluetooth wireless technology I can turn my cell phone into a receiving microphone to pick up a speaker at meeting thus having the speech delivered to my hearing aides! There's even a function available to be hooked right into a venue's sound system!

My hearing aids are my new best friend - and they are getting friendlier all the time!

If you have hearing loss and haven't checked in to help you are cheating yourself and those around you. In a word, you are being foolish!

Understand now that if you are around me and I act like I didn't hear you - it's probably because I didn't want to.

I'm Steve Sauder.


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