Mother's Day was this past Sunday and I blew it off! More on that later.
          Actually, Bobbi and I honored our moms and her daughters and my daughters in law with a donation to our church.
          Bobbi lost her mom before her fifth birthday and my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease when I was in my late thirties. She had a great deal of influence on me. She was a stickler for things like - saying please and thank you, pulling out chairs for ladies, and opening doors. She was a great mother.
          My sons have a great mother. I think Bobbi is a great mother and both her girls are great moms. That leaves my three daughters in law and guess what they too are great mothers.
          To say I am surrounded by great moms is an understatement. They all take their duties seriously and are wonderful role models.
          So, let's talk about me blowing Mother's Day off this year.
          My opportunities to do play by play at KVOE have been reduced greatly over the past few years due to the loss of my sight in my left eye. But, I can still do baseball and for the last 4 years, I've been needed to cover the ESU Hornets in the MIAA Post Season Baseball Tournament. It's a gig I relish, but can't do without a helper. Three years ago my old friend and partner Steve Inwood accompanied me to St. Charles, Missouri, but the three other trips Bobbi has been my helper.
          This year the Hornets qualified as the seventh seed so going to Warrensburg on Thursday didn't seem to be a threat to honoring my group of moms on Sunday. But those amazing Hornets had other ideas and Sunday Bobbi and I were headed back to the baseball tournament arising at six A.M. to do so. Happy Mother's Day babe.
          Our equipment for doing a baseball game is in a suitcase and weighs about 30 pounds. At Jim Crane Stadium the press box is twenty steps straight up.
          We have an elevator in our home so I don't have to climb stairs so guess who pulled that equipment case up those stairs 4 times last week? She also became our producer and engineer after our play by play unit acted up.
          As we pulled out of the parking lot on Sunday after 4 days and six games totaling about 18 hours on the air I looked at Bobbi and said “Happy Mother's Day.”
          All mothers are special and thankfully God gave them an ability to make the best of any and all situations. Thank you to all the moms out there for your understanding. And especially Bobbi!
          I'm “Lucky” Steve Sauder.


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