Saturday morning on Sports Talk we introduced our four KVOE Athletes of the Year.
          What a delightful and impressive group!
          From Olpe: Brianna Vogts and Damon Schmidt and from Emporia High School: Abbey Stewart and Brent Hastert.
          We learned a great deal from these youngsters about role models, leadership and future plans. In the end, they were asked this question: “In light of the rash of school shootings do you feel safe a school?”
          Each answered in the affirmative adding, security guards, locked doors, and active shooter drills made them feel safe.
          While it’s good to know our students feel safe it is sad they feel safe only because school officials are taking extra measures to protect them.
          In Santé Fe, Texas all those things had been done, but still, ten students and teachers lost their lives.
          How to fix this situation gets debated every time another student loses their life, but little gets done.
          Monday Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education under President Obama suggested maybe parents need to quit sending their sons and daughters to school in protest. He said, “it might take such a radical action to break the political gridlock on this topic.”
          While this won’t happen Secretary Duncan is correct about the gridlock.
          We all agree banning all guns or certain guns will not fix this problem, but eliminating certain unneeded guns and making the purchase of guns a little more difficult especially for felons and the mentally ill can’t hurt.
          Sure, the gun lobby says “you are taking my guns, infringing on my rights and it won’t make any difference.”
          You know, they said the same type of thing years ago about seat belts. “You can’t make me wear those things and they don’t protect me anyway!”
          The results from strong seat belt laws make those statements look pretty silly.
          So, while banning so-called assault weapons and the tools that make guns more automatic and making background checks more effective might not solve the problem we might get surprised by the positive effect such changes could have.
          Those changes seem like a small concession in light of the harm being done especially since these events have increased in number in an alarming amount!
          Short of keeping our children home from school in protest do you have a better idea?
          Our kids should feel safe because they are, not because their schools have become a fortress!
          I’m Steve Sauder and there’s something to think about.
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