Here at KVOE, we do “Feel Good Fridays” each Friday to let our listeners know about someone they can feel good about. You know, acts of kindness, helping others etc.
          Today my mission is to give each of you an opportunity to Feel Good about yourself. The kind of Feel Good we get when we give a cool gift.
          I have two ideas to share with you.
          First would be the 2018 Emporia School Supply Project. We talked about this on the Chat a couple of weeks ago. This is the third year of raising funds to buy school supplies for every youngster in Emporia’s 9 public schools plus Sacred Heart and the Christian School.
          This project puts each of our youngsters on an even keel with their classmates when school starts. Each student will have all the supplies they need to start school. Without this project, teachers have to wait days for some students to get the notebooks, writing tools and other essentials like Kleenex together. In many cases, the teachers ended supplying many of the supplies.
          With over 60% of Emporia school kids on reduced lunches, the need is well documented. Yes, a few kids get supplies they could afford for free but school officials tell us the benefits far outweigh any liabilities.
          We also learned there are about 50 students in the school system that are homeless meaning – not able to sleep at home at night. Often all they want is a toothbrush and a bar of soap.
          This effort was started by the First United Methodist Church and the church continues to facilitate. Your donation is tax deductible by sending it to the church at 823 Merchant with School Supplies in the memo line.
          This is an amazing project with winners everywhere but it isn’t cheap. Nearly $40,000 is needed with the cut off in June. Send what you can to School Supplies c/o First United Methodist Church at 823 Merchant. This guaranteed to make you feel good!
          My other ask is time sensitive as Ron’s Ride is tomorrow! For over a decade our Ron Thomas has been mounting a bicycle and riding to Olpe with local law enforcement folks to raise money for the Special Olympics.
          This may not sound like a big deal, but we should appreciate Ron’s efforts as he is not really equipped to ride a bike – i.e. short legs, supple girth and zero conditioning, but he continues to abuse himself for this cause. The least we should do is donate.
          Please call 342-1400 and simply say your name and amount. Then bring or mail your check to 1420 C of E Drive. We’ll come pick it up if that works better.
          Best idea yet would be to write 2 checks – one for School Supplies and the other for Ron’s Ride - and drop them off here at KVOE – heck we will even give you a tour of our studios!
          There you have it – two chances to Feel Good about yourself. Try it cause it works!
          I’m Steve Sauder.


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