Last Saturday five Republican candidates for Governor of Kansas were in Salina for a debate, but only 4 participated.
Former Senator Jim Barnett has not participated in any of the Kansas Republican Party sponsored debates because he refuses to sign a contract limiting the scope of the debate topics. He attended the so-called debate but sat in the audience.
          First, let’s applaud Jim for his willingness to NOT participate in these rigged events.
          With the primary coming soon Kansans have a big choice to make.
          Most of the night was highlighted by Governor Jeff Colyer blasting away at Secretary of State Kris Kobach for his growing list of misdeeds including being sent back to school by a Federal judge for his misconduct in a recent hearing!
          Barnett’s strategy is to allow the others to “beat each other up” and emerge as a more “palatable” choice. This seems like a good decision especially after  Saturday where Colyer according to the “Topeka Capital-Journal “unleashed a mean torrent of criticism toward his opponent;” and Kobach accused Colyer of “being either ignorant or intentionally misleading.”
          Barnett’s Tweet saying, “ The next governor of Kansas needs to re-create a functioning state government” could not be more accurate and the display in Salina on Saturday convinces me Jim Barnett is not only that man, but that he’s the only candidate that can re-create a civil, functioning state government!
          The challenge to my thought process is obviously that Jim is trailing even in his own polls.
Obviously now is the time for Kansans to decide what we want in the future – more of the same or a leader willing to listen, compromise and lead?
          After a good night’s sleep my decision is to stay with Senator Barnett despite the peril of possibly seeing Kris Kobach become our next governor – a fate maybe even worse than the horrible Brownback experience.
          Electing Colyer would be Brownback light or Kobach – Brownback worse, so Jim Barnett gets my vote.
          There are 42 days left before the Primary Election. That’s plenty of time for Barnett’s message of common sense leadership for Kansas to resonate.
If supporters like me jump off the wagon now simply because he trails in the polls his fate and our states are sealed, so I’m dropping a check in the mail to P.O. Box 4584 in Topeka 66604 to help the best candidate for Governor of Kansas run the entire race. Hopefully, many of you will join me.
I’m Steve Sauder


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