If this piece sounds like I am trying to throw Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach under the bus then “Mission Accomplished!”

          Secretary of State Kobach wants to be our governor, but his election would throw our state backward into a tailspin likely worse than the Brownback experience.

          If Kobach’s failed attempts to create verifiable voter fraud both in Kansas and across the nation aren’t enough you can add Kobach trying to pay his legal bills with state funds and the Secretary being cited for contempt of court in another matter.

          And recently he’s added exaggeration and using outright untrue information in his opposition for qualified, but undocumented students paying in-state tuition to attend colleges in Kansas.

          I quote from the Kansas City Star on July 18:

          Secretary of State and Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach is pitching some wild numbers in his quest to blame undocumented immigrants for all that troubles Kansas.

          Kobach made the enormous claim that tuition hikes at state universities and community colleges wouldn’t have been necessary if the so-called Dreamers weren’t allowed to pay lower in-state rates.

Rubbish according to fiscal notes provided by the Kansas Board of Regents.

 Unfortunately for Secretary Kobach his numbers just don’t add up!

There are 670 qualified students paying in-state tuition under this 14-year-old Kansas law.

Only 142 attend 4-year schools like ESU.

Kobach claimed the state lost out on over 4 million dollars in a recent speech, but the Board of Regents say if all these students were paying out of state tuition the number would be 2.3 million dollars.

Please understand there’s no chance that many if any of these students could pay the higher rate as they are not eligible for any federal aid including federal student loans.

These are students who have to have attended and graduated from a high school in Kansas and have pledged to become U.S. citizens. They do not cost the schools they attend One Red Cent. Fact is they are a godsend – at least that’s what ESU folks say.

Kris Kobach is free to support or oppose the rights of these kids, but it is blatantly unfair for him to make up numbers. This makes him less than trustworthy!

At minimum, we need truth in Topeka. Kansas seems to have turned the corner in many ways, but electing a not so truthful rebel rouser like Kris Kobach would be a big step backward.

I’m Steve Sauder and “there’s something to think about!”

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